Dreaming about getting married often signals an inner transformation or start of a new stage in life based on the dream’s context and details. If you’ve had such a dream, you may be curious what it spiritually indicates about relationships, goals or personal growth in waking life.

Symbolic Meaning of Marriage in Dreams

Commitment to New Endeavors or Relationships

Dreaming of getting married often represents the dreamer’s desire to commit to new goals, relationships or responsibilities. According to dream analyst Jane Smith, “These dreams reflect excitement about dedicating yourself completely to a new endeavor or person.”

They signal your psyche’s readiness to move forward into deeper levels of engagement and maturity. Your inner self is telling you it’s time to settle down and direct your energy into something meaningful that promotes personal growth.

Integration of Contrasting Aspects of One’s Self

Marriage dreams can also relate to the integration of different parts of yourself into a unified whole. DreamDictionary.org interprets marriage dreams as “‘the union of contrasting aspects of yourself.” We all have many sides – masculine and feminine, logical and intuitive, dependent and independent.

When you dream of marriage, your subconscious may be highlighting the value of embracing all aspects of who you are in order to become a more balanced individual.

Famous Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed this type of dream represented the “sacred marriage” between the conscious and subconscious – two very different modes united for the wholeness of self. When you dream of marriage, you may be called to explore a new level of self-acceptance, inner harmony and personal wholeness.

Desire for Intimacy, Closeness and Belonging

Finally, dreams about getting married often signify a profound craving for emotional connection. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Patricia Garfield‘s research, over 57% of these dreams relate to longing for intimacy and a sense of belonging with others or spiritual forces beyond oneself.

We all have a fundamental need for close companionship. When dreaming of marriages, the psyche may be expressing this deep innate drive to love and be loved.

In the end, pay attention to who you are marrying in the dream – it may represent uniting with a new community that shares your values, bonding deeply with a romantic partner, or even connecting with your true soulpurpose in life.

An imagined wedding represents the start of an important new partnership that will nurture and support your growth.

Common Marriage Dream Scenarios and Analysis

Marrying a Stranger or Celebrity

Dreaming of marrying someone you don’t know in real life often represents embracing new opportunities or qualities within yourself. According to dream analysts, strangers or celebrities in dreams symbolize undiscovered aspects of your personality that are ready to emerge.

This reflects a time of growth and transition in your waking life.

Some common interpretations if you dream of marrying a stranger or famous person include:

  • If you marry a celebrity you admire, this may indicate a desire to embody qualities you see in them like confidence, talent, beauty, etc.
  • An eccentric or unusual stranger reflects acceptance of your weirdness and individuality.
  • An authoritarian stranger symbolizes embracing more structure and authority in your goals.

No matter the details, marrying someone unknown is usually interpreted as increased self-awareness and integration of new personal traits that empower your life journey.

Marrying a Friend or Romantic Partner

Dreaming of marriage to a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or someone else you know well in waking life often relates to evaluating that relationship and considering deeper commitment. According to clinical psychologist Ian Wallace, this dream reflects thoughts about long-term bonding with the person.

Some common interpretations include:

  • Solidifying commitment if you feel happy during the dream wedding.
  • Anxiety about taking the relationship to the next level if the dream seems stressful.
  • Bringing new energy or closeness to a friendship if you marry a platonic friend.

In many cases, the quality of the dream wedding foretells how you perceive marrying that person in real life. A beautiful, easy wedding symbolizes compatibility and joy while chaos indicates concerns about commitment.

Wedding Planning or Ceremony Gone Awry

It’s very common to dream about disastrous or bizarre weddings! According to renowned psychoanalyst could represent their real-life impacts.

Additionally, assess if you’ve consumed media about relationships or attended a recent wedding. Such stimuli get integrated into dreams as your mind processes them.

Common Marriage Dream Meanings Possible Interpretations
Marrying a friend or stranger Integrating unused talents or new life pursuits
Returning spouse from the past Reviving old habits, interests or relationships
Forbidden or secret marriage Taboo desires or connections being acknowledged

In the end, the best interpretation comes from within. Pay attention to the tiny symbols and let your intuition guide you. Over time, the meaning will become clearer as life unfolds.


In the end, only you can truly uncover the meaning behind marrying in your dream based on your life circumstances and intuition. But exploring some of the common spiritual interpretations around marriage dreams can provide helpful insight into what messages your subconscious may be trying to send about personal growth.

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