Having a single white eyelash can be a puzzling occurrence that makes you wonder if it has a special meaning. This distinctive feature has intrigued people for ages and is surrounded by myth and folklore.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: A solitary white eyelash is often seen as a sign of good luck and positive change coming your way.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the history, cultural significance, and spiritual interpretations of having one white eyelash. We will uncover why this unique trait has become associated with fortune, wish making, truth telling, and destiny.

Historical Origins and Cultural Beliefs About White Eyelashes

Meanings in European Folklore

In European folklore, a white eyelash has long been viewed as a symbol of good luck and fortune (Byrdie). Some traditions hold that if a white lash falls out, you should make a wish before blowing it away. Legend says that if the lash blows to the right, your wish will come true!

There are also old wives’ tales claiming that a white eyelash means money is coming your way. In Latvia for example, it is believed that each white eyelash represents a silver coin soon to be in your pocket.

Symbols of Purity and Rarity in Ancient Civilizations

The spiritual meaning of a white eyelash in ancient Egypt centered around purity and the rarity of this striking facial feature. Given that over 99% of eyelashes are dark colored, a white lash was seen as unique.

This led ancient Egyptians to associate white eyelashes with the quality of being “one in a million” or exceptionally rare. There are records of Egyptian artworks depicting gods and goddesses with white eyelashes to symbolize their divine status and transcendent nature.

Similarly, white eyelashes appear in ancient Eastern texts as metaphors for purity. For example, an ancient Taoist scroll refers to “the maiden’s visage graced by eyelashes white as snow.” This poetic line reveals how white lashes were connected to virginity, innocence, and untainted virtue in some historical Asian cultures.

Omens and Superstitions in Early America

Folk magic and superstitions traveled from Europe to the Americas with early settlers. Beliefs around white eyelashes persisted, with the occasional white lash continuing to signify luck or fortune coming one’s way. However, some ominous folklore also emerged.

In early rural America, white eyelashes were sometimes seen as a bad omen foretelling hardship or loss ahead, probably due to their association with aging and whitening hair.

Some Appalachian mountain traditions took this even further. According to local legends, if a baby was born with a white eyelash, it meant the child was a “witch baby” that would grow up to have supernatural powers, sometimes for evil.

So while in many cultures white lashes denoted exceptionalism, in some isolated early American communities they were a sign of something sinister emerging.1

The diversity of symbolism around white eyelashes across cultures and eras reveals an enduring human fascination with these unique markings. Whether seen as lucky pennies from the gods or magical omens, a white lash has sparked the imagination for ages.1 John B. Pyles (2013). Witch Tales from the Appalachians.

The Lucky Symbolism of One White Eyelash

Wishes Coming True

Finding a single white eyelash can symbolize that your deepest wishes have a high chance of coming true in the near future. This sign indicates the universe is lining up in your favor to manifest your heart’s desires into reality (as long as you take action).

When we stumble upon a solitary pale lash, it’s a nudge from the cosmos encouraging us to name our most precious dream and thenwholeheartedly pursue it.

Good Fortunes Ahead

Spotting one light-colored eyelash is thought to foretell a streak of good luck heading your way. According to superstition, this special eyelash marks the beginning of a fortunate period where things fall easily into place for you.

You may find extra money, ace job interviews, meet exciting new people, or have great adventures. It’s a sign to embrace optimism and expect the best because the wheel of fortune is spinning to shower you with grand possibilities.

Truth and Honesty

In some cultures, a lone white eyelash indicates truthful words and honesty from those around you. For the next little while, you can depend on people in your life to give you transparent communication and have integrity in their dealings.

Hidden facts may come to light and facades can crumble since the white eyelash energy helps unveil what’s real. This allows you to base partnerships and projects on authenticity rather than false assumptions.

Destined Soulmate

Folklore suggests that when you notice one pale eyelash hair, it could signify meeting your soulmate is imminent. Perhaps in the next few weeks, you will encounter someone who feels incredibly familiar.

You may discover an uncanny feeling of understanding, belonging, and profound connection with this person right away. Pay attention to new faces because according to the symbolic meaning of one white eyelash, a fated love that feels written in the stars could be closer than you think!

Spiritual Interpretations and Meanings

Angels Giving You a Sign

According to some spiritual beliefs, a sudden white eyelash may be a sign that your guardian angel is reaching out to you. Angels are divine spirits who act as messengers and protectors, guiding us through life’s journey.

Spotting a lone white lash is thought to signify that your angel is making their presence known, sending blessings, or trying to get an important message across to you.

Angels communicate in subtle ways that allow room for faith and interpretation. As spiritual beings, they are invisible to the naked eye. But believers say you can recognize an angelic sign if you pay attention to repeated sights, sounds, and sensations around you.

Noticing a white eyelash out of the blue could very well be your guardian angel waving hello!

Divine Luck and Blessings

Finding a solitary white lash can also foreshadow a stroke of good fortune headed your way. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, white symbolizes purity, virtue, and the divine realm. When one white eyelash suddenly appears amidst otherwise dark lashes, some view it as a sign from the universe that luck, prosperity, or blessings are in store.

For instance, in old Italian folklore a white lash signifies pending wealth or divine wishes being granted. There is even an old wives’ tale that says to make a wish when you spot your one white eyelash—if the lash then falls out, your wish will come true!

While skepticism exists around such spiritual notions, those who find deeper meaning in a lone white lash regard it as a serendipitous heads up of glad tidings around the corner. In essence, it whispers good vibes from the divine your way.

😉 Stay open and optimistic, because fortune may smile upon you soon!

Insight Into Your Destiny

Finally, that conspicuous white eyelash could provide a glimpse into the bigger picture of your destiny. Your soul path includes major crossroads, missteps, surprises and triumphs that all shape your life purpose.

According to intuitive thought leaders, your angels can tap into this grand blueprint and reveal portions of it through signs and synchronicities.

So when a rogue white lash pops up unexpectedly, some ponder if celestial forces are pulling back the curtain a bit into life’s great mysteries. What awaits you in the tapestry of your existence? Is there inner wisdom you need to gain first?

Do certain relationships or opportunities play a role going forward? No definitive answers come from a white lash alone, but some believe it sparks food for thought to reflect on your path.

At the heart of such mystical ideas is that we each have a unique, meaningful journey unfolding. Temporary white lashes remind us of the enchantment that infuses our world when we open our eyes to it. There are little blessings or grand plans we cannot see…yet. 😌

Tips For Making A Wish On Your White Eyelash

Pinpoint Which Eyelash It Is

When you spot a white eyelash, it’s important to take note of exactly where it is so you can identify it later. Carefully examine your eyelashes in the mirror and locate the solitary white one. Note whether it’s on your upper or lower lash line, and whether it’s towards the inner or outer corner of your eye.

You may want to mark its location by putting a tiny dab of eyelash glue on your skin near the base of the lash. This will help you find it again when it’s time to make your wish.

Make Your Wish In Your Heart

Once you’ve spotted your white eyelash, the fun part comes next – making a wish! Traditional wisdom says to think carefully about what your heart’s deepest desire is, and formulate it into a wish. Be as specific as possible – this is said to increase the likelihood of your wish coming true.

You’ll want to keep your wish to yourself at this point rather than saying it out loud. In your heart and mind, visualize your wish manifesting – imagine what it would look and feel like once it has come to fruition. This mental imagery sends a powerful message to the universe.

When you feel ready, gently pull out the white eyelash.

Don’t Tell Anyone Your Wish Right Away

It can be tempting to immediately share your white eyelash wish with friends and family. However, tradition states that telling others too soon can prevent the wish from manifesting. The origins of this belief are unclear, but some posit that openly speaking a wish disperses its power.

Keep your white eyelash wish private for at least a few hours, or optimally 24 hours, before sharing it with others. You’ll know the wish has been “sealed” when the white eyelash grows back in dark like the rest.

At that point, feel free to tell friends and loved ones about the wish you made if you’d like. Just make sure you don’t reveal the specifics of what you wished for – that part should remain a secret in order for the magic to work!

In the age of social media, you may be tempted to post a selfie with your white eyelash. It’s fine to share that you spotted one and made a wish, but refrain from detailing exactly what you wished for.

The mystical powers surrounding white eyelashes indicate it’s best to play this one close to the vest. Have fun imagining your wish coming true – and maybe it will with the added magic of your unique white eyelash!

Some authoritative sites with more eyelash wish folklore and tips:


Having a lone white eyelash has carried spiritual symbolism and lucky meanings since ancient times across many cultures. While the origins may be in folklore, the prevailing belief is that this unique feature signals good fortune is in your future.

If you discover a solitary white lash, you may want to make a wish and reflect on the positive personal or spiritual growth it might signify. With its long history of mystical associations, your white eyelash likely has an enlightening message just for you!

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