Lava stone, formed when volcanic lava cools and solidifies into basalt rock, holds powerful spiritual meanings and properties. If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Lava stone spiritually signifies rebirth and getting rid of emotional blocks for healing and transformation.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the mystical healing attributes of lava rocks and their connections to the grounding energy of volcanoes from which they are born. We’ll cover lava stone’s long history in spirituality across various cultures, its metaphysical and healing meanings, plus how to use lava beads or tumbled stones to harness positive energy in your life.

What is Lava Stone?

Physical properties and origins

Lava stone, also known as basalt, is a volcanic rock formed when molten lava from deep within the earth’s crust erupts and rapidly cools on the surface. As the lava solidifies, it creates a stone with gas bubbles frozen inside, giving lava stone its characteristic porous, pitted texture.

Lava stone is typically gray, black, brown or rusty red in color.

Natural lava stone has several beneficial properties. It is believed to have grounding and stabilizing energies, promoting strength and courage. The stone’s cavities provide a lightness that is said to lessen anxieties and foster comfort.

Lava stone properties stem from its connection to the root chakra, making it a wonderful stone for grounding energies.👍

Use in jewelry and decoration

Thanks to its intriguing natural texture, the stone is popular for make handicrafts and jewelry. When polished, lava stone has an elegant, jewel-like shine that makes stunning accessories. Beaded lava stone bracelets combine the natural stone with other crystals and materials for personalized, meaningful pieces.🎉 Lava stone’s natural colors also stand out in décor, from bookends and coasters to vases and table centerpieces.

Lava stone is also popular in essential oils products. As lava stone bracelets and other jewelry pieces absorb and diffuse the oils worn close to the skin, the wearer enjoys continued aromatic benefits throughout the day.😊 Diffuser bracelets continue the long tradition of natural aromatherapy remedies to find greater balance and wellbeing.

Density 2.7 gm/cm3
Hardness 6-9 Mohs scale
Possible colors Black, brown, rusty red, grey
Key benefits Stabilizing, grounding, comforting

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Lava Stone Meaning and Symbolism

Rebirth and transformations

Lava stones are born from the extreme heat and pressure in the core of volcanoes. The violent eruption and subsequent cooling transforms basic minerals into the beautiful, patterned stones. This parallels the spiritual rebirth and personal growth that comes after enduring difficult or challenging times.

The lava stone is therefore a symbol of rebirth, transformation and emergence of new life from destruction.

Goddess Pele and Hawaiian culture

In Hawaiian culture, lava stones are powerfully connected to the fiery goddess Pele who lives in the Kilauea volcano. According to myths, she stirred the lava with a stick during eruptions. The teardrop shape of some lava stones represents her tears.

Hawaiians consider lava stones to be one of the most sacred power stones that can infuse us with ancient wisdom. They are thought to strengthen the connection to ancestral spirits, past lives and the Collective Consciousness.

Protection, strength and courage

With their intense origins from molten lava deep inside Earth, lava stones emanate steadfast vibes of tenacity, resilience and courage when facing adversity. They are excellent for providing energetic support and protection during tumultuous times.

Their steadying frequencies dispel fears and self-limiting beliefs while emboldening inner strengths to tackle challenges head-on.

Connection to the root chakra

Lava stones have a strong grounding energy due to their earthly origins, making them the perfect stones for activating, balancing and aligning the root chakra below the spine. By resonating with the root chakra and its sense of safety and survival, lava stones promote feelings of being centered, anchored and secure.

They reinforce the foundations to build inner stability and prosperity.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Lava Stones

Emotional healing

The intense fire energy within lava stones enables them to help with emotional healing on a profound level. These molten rocks symbolize birth, creation, and new beginnings, using their powerful vibrations to burn away negative emotional patterns or attachments that no longer serve you.

By carrying or meditating with lava stones, many have felt a release of persistent emotional issues like anger, grief, or fear. Their strong yang essence brings a bright optimism and motivation to move forward powerfully on your path.

Stabilizing energy

With their anchoring, grounding quality, lava stones help stabilize energy. Imagine them sending their roots deep into the earth, connecting you solidly with the stabilizing vibrations of the land below.

This makes them ideal for calming anxiety, easing stress, or assisting with conditions like ADD or PTSD where a person feels ungrounded. If you ever experience spaciness, too much time “up in the head”, or even emotional eruptions, lava stones may help center and settle the energy.

Improvement of focus and willpower

The potent yang properties of lava stones also enable an improvement of focus and willpower. If you have struggled with procrastination, lack of motivation, or difficulty bringing projects to completion, introducing these fiery stones can help concentrate your energy and propel you forward.

By simply placing a lava stone on your desk as you work, its pulsing vitality can drive away mental fog while bringing improved clarity and direction. One study showed a 12% increase in productivity when lava stones were introduced into office environments.

Enhanced creativity and passion

As symbols of the passionate, creative forces required for any new endeavor, lava stones can enhance creativity and passion in those who connect with their essence. Artists, musicians, and writers have long been drawn to their intense fire energy as a source of inspiration.

Even just gazing into their molten swirls, it’s common to experience a surge of imagination and inventiveness. For a boost when starting any new project, keep one of these primordial stones nearby!

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many mystical healing gifts offered by these mesmerizing chunks of our Earth’s molten core. If you feel called to connect more deeply with their ancient wisdom, consider adding lava stones to your crystal healing practice.

How to Use Lava Stone for Healing

Lava stone jewelry for grounding

Wearing lava stone jewelry like bracelets or necklaces can connect you to the stabilizing and grounding energy of the earth (Tiny Rituals). The steady vibration of lava stone makes it the perfect accessory for calming anxieties or feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed.

Simply having lava stone jewelry on your body can be centering and soothing.

Some recommend wearing lava stone on your root chakra at the base of the spine to enhance feelings of security. Placing a lava stone bracelet on your left wrist (closest to your heart) or a necklace so the stone sits near your heart is also considered powerful.

The deep red hues of lava rock can also support emotional healing by bringing more passion and vibrancy into your life.

Lava stone massage

Incorporating lava stones into massage therapy leverages the grounding energy in a more targeted way. The masseuse will heat up smooth lava stones before placing them on key parts of the body (often the chakras).

The warmth seeps into tight muscles, allowing the masseuse to more deeply massage the area.

Lava stone massage is considered a calming treatment that can release muscle tension, remove energy blockages, relieve stress, and stabilize emotions. The warmth of the stones helps improve circulation as well leaving you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Lava beads for meditation

Lava stone beads can enhance meditation practices through their grounding and stabilizing energy. Simply holding one or more lava beads during meditation connects you to the deep, slow vibration of these volcanic rocks.

This allows a reprieve from the stress or frenzy of daily life and helps calm the mind. Breathing deeply while focusing on a lava stone allows you to channel its ancient, earthy energy – leaving you focused and centered by the end of the meditation.

Decorating with lava rock

Incorporating lava rock décor into a space can imbue it with calming, grounding energy. Lava stone coasters on an end table, a lava rock candleholder on the mantel, or a vase filled with lava stone pebbles on the dining room table bring that energy into your living spaces.

Use lava décor intentionally in rooms where you want to cultivate relaxation and serenity, like the bedroom or bathroom. The vibrational qualities of lava stone can promote restfulness and tranquility when used thoughtfully around the home or office.

Cleansing and Charging Lava Beads

Lava stone beads, like all healing crystals and gemstones, accumulate negative energies over time. That’s why it’s important to regularly cleanse and recharge your lava stone jewelry or loose beads. Cleansing removes built-up negative energies, while charging infuses the beads with positive energy.

How to Cleanse Lava Stone

There are a few easy ways to cleanse lava stone at home. The most popular methods include:

  • Smudging with sage or palo santo
  • Exposing to sunlight or moonlight
  • Soaking in salt water
  • Burying in rice or dry sea salt overnight
  • Sound cleansing with singing bowls or chimes

For best results, cleanse your lava beads under running water first to remove any physical debris or oils. Then choose your preferred energetic cleansing method.

You’ll know your lava stone is cleansed when it feels lighter energetically. It no longer carries heavy or stagnant energies. 😌 The once-dull beads may even start to feel warm, tingly, or buzzing with energy.

How Often Should You Cleanse Lava Stone?

We recommend cleansing lava stone at least once a month. But if you wear or work with your lava beads often, aim to cleanse every 2 weeks or so. Here are some signs it’s time for cleansing:

  • Your lava stone feels heavier or denser energetically
  • Your beads look dull or cloudy
  • You experience more negative emotions or bad luck wearing your lava jewelry

Pay attention to how the beads feel. Go by your intuition. 💖 If something feels off, it’s time to cleanse.

How to Charge Lava Stone

After cleansing, you’ll want to charge your lava stone to fill it with positive energy. Popular charging methods include:

  • Exposing to sunlight for at least 1 hour
  • Placing in a singing bowl while playing for 5+ minutes
  • Setting next to a crystal cluster or grid overnight
  • Sleeping with the beads under your pillow

You can also charge lava stone with an affirmation. Hold the beads in your dominant writing hand and say something like:

“I charge this lava stone with loving energy. May it ground, protect, and heal me every day.”

Repeat the affirmation until you feel the lava stone buzzing with energy. 🤩 Then wear your beads to magnify the charging effects!

Properly cleansing and charging your lava stone is crucial for activating its healing properties. So be sure not to skip these vital spiritual care steps. 👏


With its intensely grounding yet vibrant energy, lava stone is the perfect accessory for promoting stability and possibility during times of transformation. By calling on the primordial creativity from volcanic fire, lava beads in jewelry or décor can help channel focus, passion, and emotional healing into each new chapter of life’s journey.

Through honoring legendary goddesses like Pele or using lava in meditation, the messages contained in this basalic birthstone will continue to unlock new depths of inner power and wisdom.

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