The moon, earth’s only natural satellite, has long been an object of fascination and worship throughout human history. As it cycles through its lunar phases from new to full and back again, the moon influences not only the tides but our emotions, relationships, dreams and spiritual growth.

If you don’t have time to read the full article, the quick answer is: The last quarter moon phase is a time of release, unwinding, rest and contemplation. Spiritually, it represents a period for shedding what no longer serves our higher purpose as we make space for the new beginnings offered by the coming new moon phase.

Understanding the Symbolism of Moon Phases

The last quarter moon, when we see half the moon illuminated, holds powerful symbolism and spiritual meaning. As the moon wanes, growing smaller each night as less light reflects from its surface, we are reminded of the natural cycles of loss and renewal in our lives.

The fading light of the last quarter moon is often seen as a time to reflect on what needs to be released in our lives before we can move into new beginnings. Just as the moon releases its illuminated side night by night, we may be called to let go of old habits, relationships, thought patterns or material items that no longer serve our highest good.

This phase in the lunar cycle is associated with the Crone or Wise Woman archetype – she who has lived through many cycles of life and carries deep wisdom. During the last quarter, we would be wise to seek the advice of experienced mentors who can guide us with maturity and insight.

Their aged perspective can help us reflect more deeply on life’s lessons.

In many spiritual traditions, this moon phase represents the midway point between the full moon and the new moon. It’s a time of integration, of bringing balance and equilibrium into our lives before the next cycle begins.

We would benefit from rest and rejuvenation now, letting go so we can enter the growth of the new lunar cycle with vitality and focus.

The waning half-light of the last quarter moon is perfect for magical or ritual workings focused on banishing negative energies or obstacles standing in our way. This makes it an ideal time to cleanse our homes to prepare sacred space for the future.

Symbolically, cleaning areas that have fallen into disorder in our homes can help inspire a spring cleaning of other areas of our lives.

As the moon empties itself of reflected light little by little, the darkness of the last quarter phase creates space for our own inner light to shine more brightly. Time spent in solitude, prayer or meditation allows our inner wisdom to come forward and guide us, especially concerning areas of our lives in need of release before renewal.

In astrology, the moon is believed to rule our emotions, intuition and inner life. As the moon wanes into its last quarter phase, we would be wise to honor the natural decline taking place cosmically by creating space for rest and reflection within our lives.

The moon shows us externally the cycles of loss occurring internally and subtly guiding our soul growth.

By understanding the profound symbolic meaning of the fading last quarter moon, we learn to see all phases of the lunar cycle as necessary and meaningful. There are times when our energy must wane to make space for the new growth and opportunity to come in its time, just as the lunar phases have flowed eternally through the cosmos.

The Last Quarter Moon Phase Explained

The last quarter moon phase, also known as the third quarter or waning gibbous moon, represents a time of letting go, forgiveness, and completion. As the moon wanes and decreases in visible size, the shadows on its surface take on the symbolic shape of a semi-circle or half moon.

Spiritually, the last quarter phase is associated with the Crone archetype – the wise elder who has accumulated knowledge and experience and is now guiding others. Just as the moon is diminishing, releasing its hold on the night sky, we too can use this period for surrendering things, habits or mindsets no longer serving our highest purpose.

Letting Go

As the moon releases the full expression of its light during this phase, we can reflect on releasing that which no longer serves our growth. The waning light asks us: What can you let go of or clear away to create space for new beginnings up ahead? This releasing makes room for the emergence of our soul’s true desires and manifestations.

Some ideas for letting go: minimizing clutter around the home, shedding outdated views or belief systems, or forgiving yourself/others to clear stagnant emotional energy. Even simple activities like journaling or having a bonfire ceremony help facilitate the process of surrender.

Healing & Completion

The waning moon supports healing endeavors and gathering wisdom from life lessons and completed cycles. As American author Toni Sorenson said: “The waning moon is a reminder that closure awaits us all. One cycle is winding down as another waits in gestation for its turn to bloom.”

In this vein, the last quarter moon invites us to tie up loose ends, finalize projects nearly complete, or bring resolution to challenging relationships/situations seeking forgiveness. Similar to cleaning a home before welcoming expected guests, clearing space internally makes room for our soul’s true calling to visit and gain clarity around purpose.

Rituals & Ceremonies

Certain rituals harmonize well with the waning moon:

  • Creating moon gardens – planting root crops and perennials 🌱
  • Gathering medicinal herbs to increase their potency 🍃
  • Practicing grounding meditations🧘🏽‍♀️
  • Starting a dream journal or interpretations 🛌💤
  • Having quiet self-care days to nourish inner harmony ✨
  • Performing house clearings via smoke, chimes or incense 💨
  • Releasing intentions privately to mother earth 🌎

By consciously aligning rituals to the fading lunar cycle, while also surrendering what no longer vibrates at our soul’s purpose, we gain wisdom that ripples into improved wellbeing, connection and meaning.

Spiritual Meanings of the Waning Crescent

The last quarter moon, also known as the waning crescent, is a powerful phase spiritually. As the moon grows darker each night, it represents a time of release, renewal, and reflection.

Letting Go

The waning moon is associated with letting go of negative emotions, bad habits, relationships, or anything else that no longer serves your highest good. This releasing process allows space for new beginnings and opportunities.

As the moon diminishes in size, visualize negativity fading from your life.

Some rituals for letting go during this moon phase include writing down what you want to release and burning the paper, taking a spiritual bath to cleanse your aura, or creating a manifestation board to focus on what you do want to call in.

Looking Inward

With less moonlight to illuminate the night, the waning crescent is also a fitting time to look within. Introspection, meditation, and contemplation now take center stage. Quiet your inner chatter and see what surfaced. Deep insights often arise during the energetically introspective last quarter.

Keep a dream journal by your bed, as vivid dreams tend to occur during the lessening lunar light. Upon waking, record messages your subconscious may be conveying. Creating moon altars or spaces for spiritual practice can also help direct awareness inward.

Preparing for Renewal

As the moon approaches its final days in the sky before going dark, it is viewed as a period of incubation before the next lunar cycle begins. Use this week of decreasing moonlight to plan, prepare, and plant seeds for new beginnings sprouting with the coming New Moon.

For instance, the waning moon presents a perfect opportunity to clean and organize your living space, schedule important appointments, or research endeavors aligned with future hopes and dreams. Streamlining life now allows fresh inspiration to easily take root as a new lunar month dawns.

Practices and Rituals for the Last Quarter

The last quarter moon phase, which begins around day 18 of the lunar cycle, is a powerful time for spiritual rituals and magical practices. As the moon wanes and diminishes in size, the lunar energy likewise retreats in preparation for the coming dark moon.

This makes the late moon phase optimal for banishing, releasing, cleansing, and winding down.

Banishing and Releasing

Use the waning light of the late moon phase to banish negative energies or release unwanted influences from your life. For example:

  • Perform a cord-cutting ritual to sever ties with a toxic person or situation
  • Make an “out with the old” list of bad habits, addictions or thought patterns and burn it under the moonlight
  • Cleanse your home by sage smudging each room while visualizing negative energy leaving
  • Gather fallen branches and dried leaves and throw them into flowing water as a symbolic act of washing away burdens

Cleansing and Detoxing

The diminished lunar light provides support for internal and external cleansing rituals. For instance:

  • Take a ritual moon bath by adding cleansing herbs or sea salt to your tub and soaking under the night sky
  • Do a liver cleanse or juice detox to rid your body of built-up toxins
  • Clean and tidy your home, car or office space to promote clarity
  • Journal or meditate to clear stagnant thoughts and emotions from your psyche

Winding Down

The lower energy of the late moon phase creates the perfect backdrop for relaxation and integration activities, such as:

  • Engage in gentle yin yoga poses by candlelight to help unwind body and mind
  • Make an herbal sleep tea with ingredients like chamomile, passionflower and valerian
  • Take time for self-care through activities like breathwork, reading or enjoying a moonlight bath
  • Keep a dream journal by your bed and record any insightful night visions
  • Avoid social media and TV and spend quality time connecting with your loved ones instead

The waning last quarter moon sets the energetic stage for looking inward, tidying up loose ends, and generally slowing down. By honoring the natural rhythm of the moon’s phases, we can align our practices and rituals accordingly to harness the moon’s potent spiritual symbolism and power.

Working with Last Quarter Moon Energy

The last quarter moon phase is a time of release and reflection. As the moon wanes, its energy turns inward, encouraging us to contemplate what needs to change in preparation for the new lunar cycle.

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

This phase is associated with the element of water and the archetype of the crone or wise elder. It’s an optimal period for shedding old habits, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, or anything else that is no longer serving your highest good to make space for new growth.

Some ways to work with the releasing energy of the last quarter moon:

  • Create a ritual to honor the completion of this lunar cycle. Burn something symbolic in a cauldron or bowl while meditating on what you wish to let go of.
  • Do an uncluttering or decluttering session in your home. Donate or throw out what you no longer use or need.
  • Have a heart-to-heart talk with a friend or write in a journal to reflect on unhealthy patterns and where you need more balance.

Slowing Down and Turning Inward

As the moon enters its waning crescent phase, its light grows dimmer in the night sky. This natural darkening is your cue from the Universe to rest, renew, and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Some ways to align with the slowing rhythm of the last quarter moon:

  • Say no to social plans and spend quality time alone. Take an extra long bath, meditate, or enjoy other solitary activities.
  • Go to bed early and catch up on much-needed sleep. Your dreams will be more potent now for reflection.
  • Spend time in nature observing the cyclical quality of life. Notice what has died or gone dormant since the last full moon and what seeds are being planted for rebirth on the next new moon.

Preparing for the Next Lunar Cycle

As you reflect during this inward phase, consider what intentions or goals you want to grow over the coming weeks leading up to the next full moon. The fading light of the waning moon does not mean giving up but instead symbolizes letting go to make space for something new to be born.

Ways the last quarter moon can guide your intentions for the future include:

  • What needs clearing out or refining in your life before moving forward?
  • What shifts, big or small, do you need to make to improve balance and flow in key areas like health, relationships, work, etc?
  • What seeds do you want to begin planting or nurturing now so they can blossom over the coming lunar cycle?

By consciously working with the moon as your celestial partner, each phase becomes an opportunity for manifesting, celebrating, releasing, and renewing in sync with her guiding light.


As the moon wanes to darkness, the spiritual meaning of the last quarter moon phase centres around release, winding down, rest and reflection. By tuning into its energy, we can shed outdated patterns with gratitude and plant seeds of intention for the next lunar cycle.

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