Larimar stone, with its beautiful blue color, is a relatively rare gemstone that has captured the fascination of many over the years. If you’re wondering about the deeper meaning and healing properties of larimar, you’ve come to the right place.

In short, larimar is believed to have a soothing, peaceful energy that promotes healing, particularly for throat, heart and mind. It’s been called the ‘Dolphin Stone’ and linked to improving communication and connection.

In this in-depth guide of around 3000 words, we will explore the key spiritual meanings, metaphysical properties and lore around this blue pectolite rock from the Dominican Republic.

What is Larimar Stone and Where Does it Come From?

Brief overview of larimar – its composition, color varieties and source location in the Caribbean

Larimar is a rare blue pectolite rock found only in the Caribbean. Its composition includes copper and calcium, which contribute to its distinctive blue hue. It typically ranges from pale blue to deep azure, with some specimens showing white streaks or dark gray shadows.

The only known larimar mine is located high in the remote Sierra de Bahoruco mountains in the Dominican Republic.

History and discovery details – named after Larissa and when/how deposits were found in 1916

The first larimar deposits were discovered in 1916 by the Dominican priest Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren. However, larimar only gained popularity after 1974 when Miguel Méndez and Norman Rilling rediscovered the stone and named it “larimar” after Méndez’s daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea, “mar.”

Mining operations began in earnest in the 1980s and continue today with small-scale local mining cooperatives.

Geographic exclusivity and rarity – only known source is a remote mountainous location

Larimar is exclusively found in the Dominican Republic. More specifically, the only known larimar mine sits high up on Mount Bahoruco, an isolated series of peaks only accessible via several hours’ drive on unpaved roads from the nearest city.

This geographic exclusivity and the challenges around accessing the remote source contribute to larimar’s extreme rarity. Only a few thousand kilograms of larimar are estimated to be extracted per year.

Appearance and color symbolism – beautiful blue tones representing healing/soothing water

The striking blue shades of larimar are symbolic of the healing and soothing qualities associated with water. Ranging from nearly white to deep turquoise, larimar is admired for its beautiful blue patterning reminiscent of ocean waves, waterfalls, or swift-flowing streams.

The connection between vivid blues and water evokes relaxation and serenity in larimar gemstones.

Key Meanings and Symbolic Nature of Larimar Stone

Connection to water and dolphins – ‘Dolphin Stone’ and ‘Atlantis Stone’ nicknames

Larimar stone is often associated with the ocean, water, and dolphins due to its beautiful blue hue reminiscent of tropical seas. It has earned nicknames like “Dolphin Stone” and “Atlantis Stone” that speak to these connections.

Some believe larimar can attune the wearer to dolphin energies of joy, playfulness, and inner peace. According to legend, larimar stone was originally deposited into the sea when the lost city of Atlantis sank beneath the waves. This gives larimar a mystical, otherworldly quality.

Peace, calm and healing – promotes relaxation and eases stress

The soothing blue shades of larimar are said to bring feelings of peace, calm, and inner healing. It has a very cooling, laid-back energy that can balance fiery emotions and ease anxiety or stress. Simply gazing at a larimar specimen can have a hypnotic, meditative effect and quiet mental chatter.

Wearing or carrying larimar is believed to help one relieve tension, anger, fear, or resentment and return to a state of tranquility and well-being. This makes it an excellent crystal ally for relaxation techniques, therapeutic healing sessions, or times of inner turmoil.

Improves communication and self-expression – helps open throat chakra

Some believe larimar resonates with the throat chakra, the energy center associated with communication and creative self-expression. Its soothing blue energy can help open, balance, and clear blockages in this chakra so one’s truth can be communicated more authentically.

This “stone of the muses” allegedly sparks inspiration for writers, speakers, singers, and artists while promoting honest and compassionate dialogue. So those needing help speaking their minds, unleashing creative talents, or getting messages across can benefit from larimar’s aid.

Spiritual protection – shields from negative energy and entities

In crystal healing lore, larimar offers spiritual protection by purportedly sealing the aura and strengthening energetic boundaries. Its supposedly shields one’s energy field against intrusions from negativity, lower vibrations, psychic attack, or dark entities.

Some believe larimar dispels fears, anxieties, anger, or resentments attempting to invade one’s space. Through this shielding effect, larimar allegedly allows one to stay centered in peace, harmony, and positivity.

Its spiritual protection properties make larimar ideal for lightworkers, energy healers, or those highly sensitive to negative environments.

Metaphysical and Crystal Healing Properties of Larimar

Overview – works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels

Larimar is a rare blue pectolite stone found only in the Dominican Republic. It has powerful metaphysical and crystal healing properties that work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Larimar is known as the “Dolphin Stone” because of its soothing healing energies, like being in the presence of dolphins.

Releases blockages and pain – alleviates inflammation and infection

On a physical level, Larimar stone helps release blockages and pain in the body. It helps alleviate inflammation, infection, and fevers when placed on the body. Larimar also helps treat issues with the throat, heart, stomach, kidneys and lungs.

Emotional healing and soothing – reduces anxiety, anger and depression

The soft blue color of Larimar has a comforting, tranquil energy that brings emotional healing. It helps heal emotional traumas and wounds, past hurts and grief. It reduces feelings of anxiety, anger, and depression. The stone has a gentle feminine energy that nurtures and soothes the soul.

Throat chakra activation – improves communication and self-expression

Larimar powerfully activates the throat chakra, improving communication skills and self-expression. It clears blockages in the throat chakra and allows you to speak your truth clearly. Larimar helps writers channel inspiration and creativity into their work.

Heart chakra activation – encourages self-love and connection with others

By activating the heart chakra, Larimar fills your inner self with feelings of gentle love, compassion, and forgiveness. It opens your heart to give and receive love freely, encouraging self-love first. Larimar connects your heart with the hearts of soulmates and old friends.

Crown chakra activation – deepens intuition and spirituality

Larimar stimulates the crown chakra, bringing a deep sense of peace and union with the divine realm. It enhances intuition, psychic visions, and prophetic dreams. Meditating with Larimar takes you into a serene sanctuary of spiritual bliss, divine wisdom, and angelic realms.

It is a stone of answers from the divine source within.

How to Use Larimar Stone for Healing

Wearing larimar jewelry for ongoing benefits

Wearing rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings made with larimar stone is a great way to receive the healing benefits on an ongoing basis. The blue stone of larimar will stay in contact with your skin constantly, allowing its energy to flow into your body.

This is especially helpful for issues like anxiety, depression, and emotional healing. As you wear larimar jewelry over time, you will likely find your mood and outlook improving.

Using as palm stone for meditation or reflection

Holding a smooth larimar stone in the palm of your hand makes an excellent aid to meditation or reflection. The soothing blue color has an almost hypnotic quality that is perfect for calming the mind. During meditation, close your eyes and focus on the feel of the larimar in your palm to help clear away distractions.

You can also use larimar as a “worry stone” by running your thumb over its surface whenever you need to decompress from stress or anxiety.

Placing in home or workspace to promote harmony

Putting a larimar stone or cluster in a high energy spot at home or at work helps create an aura of harmony and balance in that space. Many people like to place larimar on a desk, shelf, table, or windowsill where its presence can infuse the whole room.

The blue color has such soothing and peaceful qualities, it tends to have a harmonizing effect wherever it sits. For maximum impact, put it in a central gathering spot where you spend lots of time.

Incorporating into spiritual rituals or ceremonies

Larimar is highly regarded for its spiritual energy and connections to divine guidance and angels. As such, it can be helpful to incorporate larimar into rituals, ceremonies, or prayers. You might hold a piece during a spiritual chanting session, set it at your altar or include it in prayers to amplify communication.

Larimar also enhances water, so adding it to spiritual baths or ceremonies can infuse more power and guidance.

Pairing with other crystals and stones for added energy

Larimar has a gentle, peaceful energy that combines especially well with many other stones. According to Crystal Clear Intuition, larimar wonderfully complements high vibration stones like selenite, moldavite, herkimer diamonds, and phenacite by grounding their intense energies.

It also pairs well with stones like blue lace agate, aquamarine, amazonite and azurite. Arrange multiple stones in patterns or clusters to allow their energies to harmonize.

Caring for Your Larimar Stone

Cleaning tips – avoid chemicals/heat to prevent damage

When it comes to keeping your lovely Larimar stone sparkly clean, be very gentle. As a soft stone, Larimar is prone to scratching and can be damaged by harsh cleaners. Avoid using any chemical cleaners on your stone, as even mild acids can dull or etch the delicate surface over time.

Also steer clear of ultrasonic or steam cleaners, as the heat and pressure can fracture Larimar.

The safest way to clean Larimar jewelry or tumbled stones is using warm, soapy water and a very soft cloth or brush. Allow the stone to air dry completely before storing. Every few months, you can also give the stone an energizing soak in seawater or saltwater if desired – just as Larimar originates from the sea in the Caribbean!

Charging and activating larimar – set in sunlight, use with quartz

It’s believed that connecting Larimar to the elements infuses it with renewed healing energies. To charge your stone, simply place it in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours. This allows it to soak up the sun’s vibrant rays.

For an extra boost, combine Larimar with a quartz crystal point – the quartz will amplify the stone’s natural energies.

You can also activate the healing properties of Larimar by wearing or meditating with the stone daily. Set an intention to let go of stress and invite in tranquility. The longer the stone is used, the more powerful its peaceful vibration becomes.

Storing properly – soft cloth pouch or box, keep from scratching

Be sure to store your Larimar carefully between uses. While a lovely addition to your crystal collection display, long term exposure to light and air can dull Larimar’s bright blue hue. Tuck the stone away in a soft cloth pouch or place in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

When stacking or layering Larimar with other stones, take care to prevent scratching. Always keep Larimar separate from harder gemstones like quartz or agate. And avoid letting metal jewelry rub against the surface.

Do Don’t
  • Use a soft toothbrush and mild soap to gently clean
  • Activate in sunlight or pair with quartz
  • Store in a pouch or fabric-lined box
  • Expose to chemical cleaners or ultrasonic/steam cleaners
  • Rub against or stack with hard gemstones
  • Leave out in bright light or dusty areas long-term


With its distinctive blue colors and peaceful, soothing energy, larimar stone has a special appeal for many gem enthusiasts and crystal healers. As we’ve explored, this rare pectolite has deep spiritual symbolism and meaning centering on healing, communication and connection.

If you add larimar to your personal stone collection, incorporate this ‘Dolphin Stone’ into your practices with intention to open your chakras, ease anxiety or stress, improve self-expression or connect with water spirits.

With proper care, larimar can be a beloved companion on your spiritual journey for years to come.

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