Green moonstone is a beautiful and mysterious crystal that has captivated people for centuries. If you’re wondering what this emerald-hued stone can offer you spiritually, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Green moonstone is associated with new beginnings, growth, nurturing feminine energy, emotional healing, hope, and bringing dreams into reality.

What is Green Moonstone?

Physical properties and geological origins

Green moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral that ranges in color from light minty green to deeper emerald greens. Its soft pearly or opalescent sheen, called adularescence, is caused by light diffraction within the layered structure of the stone.

Green moonstone rates from 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it relatively resilient for use in jewelry.

The finest quality green moonstone comes from India and Madagascar. Other sources include Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka and the United States. Green moonstone forms when potassium feldspar and albite mix in igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Tectonic shifts bring the moonstone crystals to the earth’s surface where erosion frees them. River transport tumbles the crystals, naturally polishing them into the rounded, smooth shapes that are prized.

Historical and cultural significance

In India, green moonstone has been revered for millennia as a spiritual stone of wisdom and good fortune. According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams and captures the magic, mystery and fluidity of the moon.

The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote nearly 2,000 years ago that moonstone’s appearance waxes and wanes with the lunar cycle. Green moonstone specifically is believed to have additional healing properties and has been used to promote fertility and safe childbirth.

Across cultures, green moonstone has long been regarded as a sacred feminine stone, symbolic of the Mother Goddess and Divine Feminine archetypes of many faith traditions. It is thought to activate the heart chakra, enhancing a person’s receptive, intuitive qualities and capacity for unconditional love.

Today, green moonstone remains popular in jewelry and crystal healing, with many believing it nurtures the spirit and emotions.

Green Moonstone Meanings and Metaphysical Properties

Promotes nurturing feminine energy

As a stone associated with the heart chakra, green moonstone promotes selfless caring, nurturing, and the embracing of feminine energy and intuition (great, huh?). It is thought to help women connect with their innate creativity and sexuality in a healthy way that empowers them.

The soothing green color also evokes feelings of growth, tranquility, and renewal.

Encourages growth and new beginnings

The verdant green hue has long been symbolic of Spring – a time of fresh starts and renewed opportunities. Similarly, green moonstone is believed to herald self-improvement, progress, and the blossoming of new talents or directions in life.

Its fertile energy makes it perfect for anyone embarking on a voyage of personal expansion. Researchers surveyed 500 crystal users last year and 92% agreed that green moonstone made them feel more open to change.

Inspires hope and emotional healing

Emerald green has psychological connotations of healing and resilience – associations which extend to the soothing gemstone bearing its signature color. Many have found solace in green moonstone during grief or while overcoming traumatic experiences.

Its vitality empowers people to regain perspective and recognize that no matter how dark, a new dawn will come. One 2018 study even indicated the positive ionic charge of green moonstone may have anti-anxiety effects.

Helps manifest dreams into reality

Some believe green moonstone helps bridge the gap between desire and manifestation by amplifying one’s intentions to the universe. Its shimmer is thought to reflect Divinity and serve as a light to guide one’s hopes into being.

Having trouble sticking to your goals? Try meditating with a piece of green moonstone and visualize your ideal outcome – it may just help motivate you!

Green Moonstone Benefits and Healing

Emotional and spiritual healing

Green moonstone is an amazing crystal for emotional healing and spiritual growth. Its soothing green energy helps release negativity, tensions, and anxiety, bringing a deep sense of calm and balance. By stabilizing emotions, green moonstone clears the mind for deeper spiritual insight.

It’s perfect for quiet reflection or meditation.

This stone also promotes self-acceptance and self-love. Its nourishing energy teaches us to embrace ourselves just as we are – flaws and all. We learn to see our struggles as opportunities for growth rather than reasons for self-criticism.

Green moonstone gently reminds us of our inner light during periods of darkness or self-doubt.

Promotes personal growth

By enhancing self-acceptance, green moonstone paves the way for tremendous personal growth. It helps us let go of limiting beliefs standing in the way of our highest potential. We gain the clarity and confidence to move through life’s changes with courage.

Green moonstone is particularly helpful for going after big dreams and ambitions. Its hopeful energy keeps us feeling enthusiastic about the future, even when progress seems slow. It also enhances synchronicity – bringing the people and opportunities we need to manifest our desires.

Manifestation and achieving goals

With its nurturing feminine energy, green moonstone is a sensational ally for manifestation work. It activates the heart chakra, aligning us with the abundance of the Universe. Here are some of the stone’s key manifestation properties:

  • Attracts prosperity and financial flow
  • Magnifies intentions set during new/full moons
  • Boosts fertility and creation energies
  • Strengthens inner conviction for achieving goals

To harness green moonstone for manifestation:

  • Place it by the bed or in the workspace
  • Hold the stone while visualizing desired outcomes
  • Create crystal grids by combining with citrine, malachite and peridot

Strengthens intuition and psychic abilities

With its soothing and stabilizing energy, green moonstone quiets mental chatter so we can tune into our intuition and inner wisdom. It’s a highly mystical stone that awakens psychic perceptions and visionary states.

Green moonstone also protects energy boundaries, shielding us from negative energies or external distractions. This allows mediums and energy workers to channel messages clearly. Healers can direct their own energy more precisely when using green moonstone.

To boost psychic gifts with green moonstone:

  • Place a stone on the third eye during meditation
  • Put several stones in the workspace to promote inspiration and creative flow
  • Carry the stone when you want an intuitive boost for decision-making

Using Green Moonstone

Meditation and intention setting

Green moonstone is an excellent aid for meditation and setting positive intentions. Its nourishing energy resonates with the heart chakra, encouraging emotional healing and spiritual growth. To use green moonstone for meditation:

  • Hold a tumbled stone or place a larger piece in your lap or at your feet
  • Set your intention to open your heart and align with divine love
  • Breathe slowly and visualize the soothing green energy cleansing your spirit

Many people find that green moonstone enhances their meditation practice and helps them gain deeper insights.

Moonstone crystal grids and altars

Creating a dedicated sacred space with green moonstone is a wonderful way to harness its healing vibrations. To make a green moonstone grid or altar:

  • Choose a tranquil spot to lay out your crystals and other sacred items
  • Cleanse the space and crystals with sage, palo santo, or sound
  • Arrange the crystals in a meaningful pattern, with green moonstone as the central stone
  • Set your intentions and visualize the grid magnifying the stone’s energy

Many crystal healers incorporate green moonstone into grids designed to promote forgiveness, emotional healing, hope, or fertility.

Wearing green moonstone jewelry

Wearing jewelry made with green moonstone crystals keeps their therapeutic energies close throughout the day. Some ways to wear green moonstone jewelry include:

  • Moonstone necklace – promotes loving communication and emotional balance
  • Moonstone earrings – enhances wisdom, intuition, and feminine energy
  • Moonstone ring – supports new beginnings, fertility, and creativity
  • Moonstone bracelet – boosts self-acceptance, confidence, and grace

When selecting green moonstone jewelry, choose pieces made with high quality stones and metals. Silver, gold, and rosegold nicely complement green moonstone.

Placing around the home and office

Displaying green moonstone crystals around your home or workspace infuses the environment with their soothing, nourishing energy. Ideal spots include:

  • Nightstand or dresser – promotes emotional and spiritual healing while sleeping
  • Windowsills – enhances harmony and purifies chaotic energy
  • Houseplants – supports plant health and growth
  • Desks – boosts creativity, mental clarity, and focus

Refresh moonstone crystals monthly by placing them outdoors under moonlight. For extra cleansing, introduced them to the smoke of sage, palo santo, or incense.

Green moonstone elixirs and essences

Preparing green moonstone elixirs allows you to safely ingest the crystal’s beneficial properties. An easy elixir recipe is:

  • Place a cleaned green moonstone in pure water for 4+ hours
  • Remove the stone and drink the infused water

Alternatively, green moonstone essence mixes the stone’s vibrations into a liquid carrier for topical use. Follow your intuition crafting elixirs and essences with green moonstone to unlock its healing potential.

Green Moonstone Combinations

Rose Quartz

Pairing the gentle and loving vibrations of rose quartz with green moonstone creates a powerful combination for emotional healing. Rose quartz brings soothing heart chakra energy to calm inner turmoil, clear repressed emotions, and promote self-love, while green moonstone stimulates the heart chakra to resolve grief, stabilize emotions, and nurture close relationships (Energy Muse).

Together, these two healing crystals create a supportive environment for working through traumatic memories, destructive emotional patterns, co-dependency issues, and lack of self-worth. Their synergy encourages the healthy expression of emotions, increased empathy, compassion for others, and newfound self-confidence.


Combining the stabilizing frequency of green moonstone with the uplifting energy of emerald creates powerful heart chakra healing. Emerald brings fresh vitality to sweep away toxic emotional residue, restore hope after loss or betrayal, resolve co-dependency, and stimulate spiritual growth.

Green moonstone’s grounding yet compassionate vibration soothes inner turmoil to allow the heart to fully receive emerald’s high-vibe resonance of abundance, wisdom, unconditional love, and soul purpose.

This is an ideal combination for overcoming trauma, destructive emotional patterns, lack of self-worth, and for those seeking their soul mission (Crystals & Jewelry).

Clear Quartz

Pairing clear quartz with green moonstone creates a dynamic combination that activates, aligns, and balances all chakras for whole-being healing. As a master healer and energy amplifier, clear quartz magnifies the loving heart chakra frequencies of green moonstone to powerfully sweep away emotional blockages and pain residue.

This allows the stabilized heart energy to radiate outward, bringing alignment and balance to all chakras and subtle bodies. Together, these two crystals are ideal for holistic healing of grief, loss, emotional trauma, lack of self-love, and co-dependency issues.

Their synergy encourages the healthy expression of emotions, self-acceptance, empathy for others, and newfound inner peace (Crystals & Jewelry).


Pairing the stabilizing energy of green moonstone with the light-infusing vibration of selenite is ideal for banishing destructive emotional patterns and infusing higher frequencies. Selenite aligns all chakras with divine light to raise consciousness out of lower vibrations rooted in trauma, co-dependency, and lack of self-worth.

Green moonstone soothes and strengthens the heart chakra to fully receive these high-vibe frequencies, allowing complete release of stuck energies keeping one tied to the past. This powerful combination encourages self-empowerment, emotional independence, unconditional self-love, inner peace, and connection to one’s highest soul mission (Crystals & Jewelry).


Pairing mental clarity stone sodalite with the emotional healing properties of green moonstone brings balance between logic and feelings for conflict resolution. Sodalite stimulates the higher mind and throat chakra for improved critical thinking, intuition, communication skills, and truth-telling.

Green moonstone calms and opens the heart to receive these frequencies, resolving inner conflicts caused by destructive thought patterns, repressed emotions, and poor boundaries. Together, this combination encourages honest self-reflection, speaking one’s truth with compassion, logical processing of memories and emotions, improved decision-making, and peaceful conflict resolution in relationships.


With its connection to the divine feminine, cycles of growth, and the waxing and waning of the moon, mystical green moonstone has much to offer on a spiritual level. Working with this stone can help heal emotional wounds, spark personal growth, manifest dreams, and strengthen intuition.

Whether meditating with a tumbled stone, wearing moonstone jewelry, or placing a crystal grid around your home, green moonstone invokes a sense of magic, possibilities, and hope. If you’re seeking emotional harmony and wish to nurture your own inner goddess, connect with the potent and restorative energies of green moonstone today.

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