Green amethyst, sometimes called prasiolite, is a stunning green variety of quartz that is believed to have powerful healing and spiritual properties. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Green amethyst is associated with the heart chakra, the energy center that governs love, compassion, and relationships.

It’s said to open, balance, and heal the heart chakra, encouraging unconditional love, forgiveness, and emotional healing.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the meaning and uses of green amethyst in crystal healing. You’ll discover what gives amethyst its green color, the history and lore around this stone, its metaphysical and healing properties, and how to use it in meditation, energy work, and crystal grids.

What Gives Amethyst Its Green Color?

Irradiation process that creates color change

The green color of amethyst is caused by an irradiation process. Specifically, natural amethyst crystals are exposed to radiation from radioactive elements like uranium. This irradiation process causes structural changes at the molecular level, altering the color centers in the crystal lattice.

As a result, purple amethyst turns green amethyst.

The intensity of the green color depends on factors like the radiation dose and the original chemistry of the amethyst. Varying shades of green can occur, from a subtle green tinge to a vivid emerald green.

The irradiation also leaves behind radioactive elements in the crystals, so green amethyst can still emit radiation.

Differences from purple amethyst

While chemically similar, green amethyst has some key differences from its popular purple counterpart:

  • Green amethyst only occurs when natural amethyst undergoes irradiation. So it is much rarer in nature than purple amethyst.
  • The irradiation process leaves faint radioactive signatures in green amethyst. These are not present in normal amethyst.
  • The green color is unstable and will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat. Purple amethyst is more color stable.
Green Amethyst Purple Amethyst
Source of Color Irradiation process Natural mineral composition
Radioactivity Low levels present None
Color Stability Fades with light & heat Very stable

To learn more about the intriguing irradiation process behind green amethyst, check out this in-depth guide on Gem Society.

The History and Lore of Green Amethyst

Legends and Symbolic Meaning

Throughout history, vivid green amethyst has captured the imagination of many cultures. Ancient Greek legends tell of Dionysus, the god of wine, angered when mortal insulted him and his followers. Dionysus swore revenge on the next mortal to cross his path, who happened to be a beautiful young woman named Amethyst on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Artemis. When Dionysus saw Amethyst, he ordered his tigers to attack her, but a remorseful Artemis turned her into a statue of pure, crystalline quartz to protect her from his wrath.

Dejected, Dionysus wept tears of wine over the stone statue, staining it a permanent purple hue and creating the first amethyst gemstone.

The vibrant green variety of amethyst is relatively rare, found in very few locations around the world. As such, it has taken on special meaning in many cultures:

  • In ancient Egyptian culture, green amethyst represented fertility and new beginnings, believed to bring a fruitful harvest.
  • Ancient Buddhists considered green amethyst to symbolize peace, harmony with the environment, and oneness between body and spirit. It was believed that placing green amethyst stones throughout the home brought positive energy and protected residents from illness.
  • Some Native American traditions hold that green amethyst offers healing energy and can be used in sacred rituals to commune with nature spirits.

Regardless of the exact legend or culture, green amethyst has long been prized as a spiritual stone representing the life-giving energies of nature.

Use Throughout History

The use of green amethyst stones dates back over 5,000 years across ancient civilizations all over the world:

  • Jewelry featuring green amethyst has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, believed to guide and protect souls in the afterlife.
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans commonly wore green amethyst jewelry and often decorated their homes and public buildings with green amethyst carvings due to the stone’s associations with Dionysus/Bacchus, their god of wine, agriculture and fertility.
  • Green amethyst has been found among royal Incan and Aztec grave sites and was believed to signify wisdom, power and connection with natural cycles.
  • Chinese cultures valued green amethyst‘s medicinal properties and commonly crafted it into tinctures and elixirs to treat ailments and promote general health.

Today, natural green amethyst remains prized in the gemstone industry and spiritual healing communities for its dazzling color and natural origins. Many believe that connecting with the rich history and lore surrounding this special stone will enhance its healing energies.

Green Amethyst Meaning and Healing Properties

Associations with the Heart Chakra

Green amethyst is strongly affiliated with the heart chakra, the energetic center associated with love, compassion, and relationships. This luminous green variety of quartz resonates with the frequency of the heart, helping to activate, balance, and heal the heart chakra.

By clearing blockages within the heart chakra, green amethyst promotes feelings of empathy, self-love, and an openness to give and receive love. It gently opens the heart to new possibilities in relationships and connections with others.

This uplifting stone teaches the profound spiritual lesson of compassion.

Green amethyst’s soothing emerald tones also emit restorative healing energies that mend heartbreaks and emotional wounds from past relationships or trauma. Its calming vibrations curtail feelings of jealousy, resentment, and grief over lost love.

Ultimately, it allows the heart’s true innocent joy and enthusiasm for human connection to shine through once more.

Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Healing Attributes

In addition to the heart chakra, green amethyst bolsters healing throughout the emotional, spiritual, and physical body:

  • Emotional healing properties:
    • Dispels negative emotions like anger, fear, anxiety
    • Balances mood swings
    • Alleviates emotional exhaustion
    • Boosts self-esteem and self-assurance
  • Spiritual healing properties:
    • Deepens intuition, psychic abilities, and connection with Spirit
    • Enhances meditation by calming the chatter of the mind
    • Provides spiritual comfort and reassurance during trying times
  • Physical healing properties:
    • Supports heart health and circulation
    • Reduces inflammation and pain
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Eases headaches and allergies

The table below compares some special attributes of green amethyst to purple amethyst:

Green Amethyst Purple Amethyst
Resonates with heart chakra for emotional healing Resonates with third eye and crown chakras for spiritual insight
Gentle, nourishing energy like a comforting hug Intense, transformative energy that rapidly unblocks stagnant energy
Ideal for depression, heartbreak, low self-confidence Ideal for addiction, obsessive thinking, spiritual development

To learn more about working with the uplifting properties of green amethyst, check out these recommended crystal healing resources for green amethyst.

Working with Green Amethyst Energy

Using green amethyst in meditation

Green amethyst is an amazing crystal to use in meditation for healing, clarity, and spiritual growth. Its gentle green hue is calming and soothing, promoting feelings of inner peace. Simply holding a piece of green amethyst can induce a meditative state.

To fully harness the energy of green amethyst in meditation, first cleanse the crystal by passing it through the smoke of burning sage or incense. Then find a quiet space to sit comfortably, hold the crystal in your hands close to your heart, and breathe slowly.

Visualize the crystal emanating a glowing green light that fills your body and energy field, washing away tension and negativity. Focus on the soothing energy to quiet your mind.

You can also place a large piece of green amethyst on the floor and sit directly on it during meditation. Feel its healing vibrations move through you. Use the crystal as a focal point during meditation to enhance concentration and prevent the mind from wandering.

Some other ways to work with green amethyst:

  • Place it by your bed and practice breathwork while holding it, allowing its energy to guide you into restful sleep.
  • Gaze into its depths to stimulate psychic visions and spiritual insights.
  • Keep small tumbled stones in your pockets to benefit from its energy throughout the day.

Green amethyst in crystal healing sessions and energy work

In crystal healing and energy healing work, green amethyst is valued for its ability to bring emotional healing and soothing heart energy. Its soft green rays help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, grief, heartache, and feelings of burnout or despair.

Green amethyst also stimulates the heart chakra, encouraging you to open your heart to give and receive love. It promotes feelings of compassion, kindness, empathy, and reconciliation with others. If you have gone through painful breakups or family conflicts, green amethyst encourages forgiveness and reconnection.

To incorporate green amethyst into energy healing sessions, you can:

  • Place several tumbled stones over the heart chakra area while the client is lying down
  • Use a large generator point, directing its energy in sweeping motions over the body
  • Ask clients to hold a palm stone during the session so they integrate the energy directly
  • Add green amethyst-infused oil or water into massage work
  • Follow up with heart-opening guided meditation focused on green amethyst

This soothing green stone brings emotional balance and equilibrium back to energetic and emotional bodies depleted by stress.

Crafting green amethyst crystal grids

Crystal grids amplify the inherent metaphysical properties of the stones. By strategically arranging several stones or crystals in a geometric pattern, their energies converge to manifest desired results.

For a basic green amethyst grid, select 1 large terminating generator crystal as the central focus stone. Then arrange 6 medium-sized tumbled green amethyst stones in a hexagonal pattern around the generator stone.

Clear quartz amplifiers at each end of the hexagon accelerate the grid’s energy outward.

Charge the grid outdoors under sunlight or moonlight prior to activation. Place it in your home or sacred space where its energy can radiate and infuse your environment.

When crafting crystal grids, set the intention clearly at the start by meditating with your grid upon activation. Write down desired outcomes for the grid to help manifest. Keep the grid undisturbed while it works its magic for 30-90 days. Then deconstruct it and create a new one.

Possible Intentions for Green Amethyst Grids Suggested Layouts & Number of Stones
Emotional balance and healing Simple hexagonal grid (6 stones)
Relief from anxiety or depression Flower of life grid (19 stones)
Healing from grief or loss Cross grid (5 stones)
Heart chakra activation Infinity grid (8 stones)
relationship harmony Diamond grid (4 stones)

Crafting green amethyst grids aligned with specific goals allows you to harness the cumulative energy for highly targeted healing results.

Green Amethyst in Jewelry and Home Decor

Green amethyst gemstones

When set in jewelry, the vivid green hues of prasiolite make for stunning pieces that truly stand out. Its bright coloration looks gorgeous in gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and bronze settings. Prasiolite has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it durable enough for rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that can withstand everyday wear.

This dazzling green quartz is often bezel set or prong set to maximize light reflection and showcase its radiant color. Faceted cuts like emerald cuts, cushion cuts, and oval cuts help to enhance its brilliance.

Prasiolite also looks exquisite when fashioned into large statement pieces, from cocktail rings to long necklaces. Its bold green is perfect for making a vibrant fashion statement.

Displaying prasiolite in your home

With its vivid coloration, prasiolite makes for excellent home decor accents. Place prasiolite points, clusters, or geodes around your home to infuse any room with uplifting springtime energy. The healing properties of green amethyst promote renewal, growth, and balance wherever it is displayed.

Prasiolite harmonizes especially well with natural wood tones and earthy elements. Arrange green amethyst crystals in carved wood dishes, stone bowls, or even simple twig frames. For more shimmer and sparkle, opt for prasiolite candle holders, vases, lamps, and other statement lighting pieces.

Illuminated from within or catching the light from windows or fixtures, prasiolite radiates a magical glow in home spaces.


With its soothing green hues and heart-opening energy, green amethyst provides the perfect way to invite more love, compassion, and emotional healing into your life. Working with prasiolite promotes forgiveness, balance, and unconditional love.

Place it over your heart in meditation, include it in crystal healing sessions, or craft crystal grids to manifest your desires.

Hopefully this guide has helped unveil the meaning and uses of this rare and special stone. May green amethyst fill your life with blessings!

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