The full moon has captivated humanity since the beginning of time. Ancient cultures tracked the phases of the moon, ascribing spiritual meaning and significance to each one. If you’ve wondered about the spiritual meaning behind the July full moon, known as the Full Buck Moon, you’ve come to the right place.

In short, the spiritual meaning of the Full Buck Moon relates to themes of growth, manifestation, abundance, and taking action. It’s a time to tap into the high vibrational energy of the moon to propel your goals and dreams forward.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the spiritual symbolism and astrological significance of the Full Buck Moon. You’ll learn about the moon’s connection to nature, seasons, and agriculture, as well as ways to harness the moon’s magic for manifesting, letting go, and ushering in a new cycle.

What Is the Full Buck Moon?

The Name and Time of the July Full Moon

The Full Buck Moon is the full moon occurring in July, typically in the first few weeks of the month. The name “Buck Moon” comes from the fact that at this time of year, a buck’s antlers are growing and in full form.

This full moon has also been called the Full Thunder Moon, referring to the summer thunderstorms that occur frequently in July.

The July full moon has significant spiritual meaning in several cultures. In Hinduism, the full moon day, known as Guru Purnima, is considered a day for honoring spiritual and academic teachers. For some Native American tribes, the Buck Moon marked a time of year when male deer grew new antlers.

Celebrating this full moon reminds people to embody masculine energy traits like virility, passion, and taking bold action.

In 2023, the exact moment of the full Buck Moon is on Wednesday, July 12 at 2:38 P.M. Eastern Time. However, the moon will appear full for about three days from July 11 to July 13 as it waxes and wanes. Catch a view of the huge, glowing Buck Moon rising in the sky 😊!

Full Moon Names and Their Meanings

The full moon names used in North America come from Native American traditions passed down through generations. Each full moon name marks a specific time in nature or agriculture. Besides the Buck Moon, some examples are:

  • Wolf Moon (January) – When wolves howled more hungrily in winter
  • Worm Moon (March) – When worms began moving as temperatures warmed
  • Strawberry Moon (June) – For the ripening of strawberries in summer
  • Harvest Moon (September) – Representing the harvest season

These full moon names reflect how people tracked seasons and used celestial events as time references before modern calendars. Even in today’s high-tech world, hearing names like the Buck Moon connects us to long-held traditions and reminds people of nature’s ongoing cycles.

Take a moment this July to tune into the spiritual resonances of the summer season marked by the rising of the spectacular Full Buck Moon 🌝!

The Astrology and Symbolism of the Full Buck Moon

Key Astrological Aspects and Influences

The Full Buck Moon occurs when the Sun in Capricorn forms an opposition to the Moon in Cancer. This is the point where the Moon reflects the maximum light from the Sun. Astrologically, the Capricorn Sun represents responsibility, duty, and ambition, while the Cancer Moon is associated with emotions, intuition, and nurturing.

When these two signs come together, we achieve a fine balance between our inner needs and outer obligations. We are reminded to care for ourselves while also being productive.

Some key astrological aspects during this full moon include:

  • The Moon aligns with Jupiter, expanding our emotions and enhancing our intuition
  • Mercury trines Uranus, sparking innovative ideas and breakthrough thinking
  • Mars sextiles Neptune, fueling imagination and heightening creativity

Animal Symbolism and Folklore

In Native American folklore, July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out from their foreheads, thus the Full Moon was called the Full Buck Moon. Bucks are seen as symbols of growth, virility and fertility, reflective of the lushness of nature at this time.

Deer also represent sensitivity, intuition and rebirth due to their ability to regenerate their antlers.

The appearance of the majestic stag’s antlers was associated with spiritual connection and access to higher wisdom for some tribes. There are many legends across cultures involving deer, stags and magical ritual.

To this day, the image of the stag continues to signify the unfolding connection between the primal self and the heavenly realm.

Goddess Energies of the Full Buck Moon

In goddess culture, the July Full Buck Moon honors the divine feminine energies of water, psychic abilities, reflection and fertility. Popular goddesses linked to the Buck Moon include:

Goddess Association
Isis Egyptian goddess of magic
Bast Egyptian goddess of cats, protection, joy
Lakshmi Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune
Kuan Yin Chinese goddess of compassion

Connecting with the nurturing light of the Full Buck Moon allows us to honor the sacred feminine, hear inner truths, and celebrate the abundance of nature at its peak.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Buck Moon

Abundance, Manifestation and Letting Go

The July full moon, known as the Full Buck Moon, carries strong spiritual meanings related to abundance, manifestation, and letting go. As the buck deer start to grow their new antlers at this time, the Full Buck Moon brings a powerful message of growth and renewal.

This full moon invites us to tap into its high-vibrational energy to manifest abundance in our lives. Whether in terms of money, relationships, creative ideas or anything else we deeply desire, the universe is supporting us during this moon.

It’s a perfect time to put our visions and dreams into action by taking bold steps towards making them a reality.

The Full Buck Moon also signals a time of culmination and completion of earlier goals we set out to achieve. We may find projects or relationships wrapping up, freeing us up for new beginnings. The spiritual meaning here relates to closing one chapter to start writing a fresh one.

A Time for Action and Forward Movement

In Native American tradition, the Full Buck Moon marked a time when buck deer grew new antlers, which were seen as symbols of rapid growth. This signifies that the Full Buck Moon brings a fiery spirit for tangible action and forward movement towards our ambitions.

This full moon fills us with a sense of motivation, drive and determination. We feel called to actively channel its dynamic energy into positive change and expansion in our lives. It’s a time to courageously make bold moves by seizing opportunities that bring us closer to our goals and highest potentials.

Harnessing the Moon’s High Vibration Energy

As a powerfully charged supermoon, the spiritual meaning of the Full Buck Moon also relates to harnessing its high vibration energy for manifestation, healing and personal growth. By tuning into its potent frequencies, we gain access to a profound spiritual tool for transformation.

Some ways to connect with the energy of this moon are through:

  • Moon rituals – carrying out ceremonial acts like setting intentions, charging crystals or releasing limiting beliefs into the full moon’s waters
  • Moon meditations – quieting our minds through breathwork and visualization aligned with the moon
  • Moon altars – creating sacred spaces holding objects imbued with personal meaning and spiritual resonance

By mindfully incorporating one or more of these practices, we allow this abundant, action-oriented Buck Moon to ignite our creativity, aspirations and inner wisdom. Harnessing its vibrant energy guides us to manifest blessings, move past stagnancy and unlock our highest spiritual potential.

Rituals and Ceremonies for the Full Buck Moon

Crystal Grids for Manifestation

The Full Buck Moon is an auspicious time to set intentions and manifest goals. One powerful ritual is to create a crystal grid dedicated to manifestation. Some great crystals to use are:

  • Citrine – the stone of wealth and abundance
  • Clear quartz – amplifies energies
  • Green aventurine – attracts opportunities
  • Rose quartz – self love and compassion

Choose crystals that resonate with your specific desires. Clear a sacred space to set up your grid. As you place each stone, infuse it with your intention. The grid acts to magnify and anchor the energy. Sit with your grid while meditating, visualizing your dreams coming to fruition.

Keep it active for the entire moon cycle.

Moon Bath Rituals

Immersing yourself in water is purifying for both body and spirit. Add sacred intention to your bath by incorporating components aligned with the Buck Moon. Some ideas:

  • Infuse your bath water with herbs like sage, rosemary or lavender
  • Place a quartz crystal in the water to amplify energies
  • Light a white or silver candle nearby and gaze at the flame as you relax
  • Write an affirmation about your desires on a small piece of paper and let the ink bleed away in the water as you bathe

Set the mood with gentle music, low lighting and a cup of medicinal tea. Let the energy of the Buck Moon elevate your ritual.

Writing Down Intentions and Letting Go

The Buck Moon invites you to tap into your wild, untamed spirit. An excellent ritual is to write down anything you wish to release or let go of in your life. These could be bad habits, limiting beliefs, resentment about the past or anything holding you back.

On the Full Moon itself, build a small fire and cast the intention papers into the flames. Visualize the energies burning away as the smoke drifts skyward. As you let go of what no longer serves you, open yourself to the exciting possibilities of the future.

This ritual cleanses the slate and allows new intentions to flourish.

You can also collect moon-charged water to use in home cleansing rituals. Simply place a moonstone or quartz crystal into a bowl of water overnight under the Full Moon. When energized by the moonlight, use this water to purify sacred objects or spaces.

Full Buck Moon Affirmations and Journal Prompts

The Full Buck Moon is the full moon that occurs in July. This moon gets its name from the fact that at this time of summer, a buck’s antlers have fully grown in. The Full Buck Moon represents a period of growth, flourishing, and abundance.

This makes the Full Buck Moon an excellent time to practice affirmations and journaling focused on manifesting goals and cultivating personal growth. Here are some suggested affirmations and journal prompts for the Full Buck Moon:


Try repeating these affirmations aloud or writing them down to focus your intention on growth and achievement during the full Buck Moon:

  • I welcome new opportunities for growth into my life.
  • Each day I become more confident, capable, and wise.
  • I release that which no longer serves me to make space for better things.
  • I have everything I need within me to flourish and succeed.
  • My creativity and self-expression flow freely and effortlessly.

Journal Prompts

Use these journaling prompts during the Full Buck Moon to tap into this lunation’s fertile energy:

  • What goals or dreams are emerging that I would like to nurture?
  • What areas of my life feel in bloom or are bearing fruit?
  • What well-developed qualities do I appreciate most about myself?
  • What steps can I take to bring myself closer to abundance?
  • How can I best care for my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth?

Really reflect on the responses that surface when journaling. This can reveal uplifting insights about yourself and indicate where to focus your energy.

Full Moon Phase Keywords Suggested Practices
Full Buck Moon Growth, branching out, fertility, ambition Goal-setting, abundance meditations, creativity rituals

The full Buck Moon offers prime fertile energy for growth in all areas. Harness this lunation by setting empowering intentions with affirmations, then exploring your inner landscape through reflective journaling.

This can help breakthrough stagnation, spark personal development, and bring ambitious dreams to fruition!


The spiritual meaning and magic of the Full Buck Moon offer a wellspring of energy and abundance to tap into. Harness its high vibration by setting empowered intentions, performing rituals, and aligning your actions toward growth and forward momentum.

Use the light of the Buck Moon to illuminate the path ahead. Let go of what no longer serves so you can welcome in the new chapter ahead. And most importantly, believe in the manifesting power within you and the support of the spiritual realm to make your dreams a reality.

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