The full buck moon is the magnificent July full moon, gracing our skies each year. As the most bountiful moon of the summer, overflowing with magic and mystery, the buck moon holds deep spiritual meaning that calls to something primal within us.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to what the full buck moon spiritually means: The July full buck moon represents the peak of nature’s abundance, planting seeds for our goals and dreams, honoring the natural cycles of life, and connecting to our deepest intuitions through the moon’s magic.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover the mythic legends and spiritual symbolism of the summer buck moon, including ways to tune into its energy for manifestation, self-reflection, and personal growth.

What is the Significance of the Full Buck Moon?

The Seasonal Importance of the Buck Moon

The July full moon, known as the Full Buck Moon, holds much spiritual and seasonal significance. As the full moon closest to the summer solstice, it marks the time when a buck’s antlers are fully grown and in velvet. This moon signals the height of summer and a shift towards the autumn months ahead.

For many Native American tribes, the Full Buck Moon indicated it was ideal timing to gather ripening crops and fruits. Tribes such as the Cherokee called it the Ripe Corn Moon, while the Algonquin named it the Moon When All Things Ripen.

They understood the seasonal importance of harvesting their staple crops under this bright summer moonlight.

The abundant plant and animal life under the glow of the Full Buck Moon also provided Native Americans ample food and resources ahead of the coming cold months. For example, the Tlingit people from the Pacific Northwest knew it was time to fish runs of salmon.

Cherokee tribes gathered ripening corn, squash and beans while also hunting buck deer, made plentiful from mild weather and lush vegetation.

Legends and Folklore of the Buck Moon

Various legends and myths surround the spiritual Full Buck Moon of July. The Navajo tribe told tales of Coyote calling up this moon to frighten children who sucked on their toes at nighttime. For the Haida and Tlingit peoples, the shadows and craters on the bright Buck Moon formed a figure – the Moon-Man.

He was said to outline good hunting and harvesting locations by the light of his moon torch.

Eastern tribes such as the Algonquin believed the Buck Moon marked a time of spiritual festivities. Their celebrations included the Feast of the Buck Moon to welcome in the summer season. At these gatherings, peyote ceremonies and traditional dances would take place under the Buck Moon’s illuminating shine, believed to induce prophetic visionary experiences guiding the fate of the tribes ahead.

For early European settlers, the unique visual qualities of this midsummer full moon came with spiritual supernatural legends. Colonial Americans named it the Thunder Moon due to frequent summer storms.

They also felt the moon’s bright orange hue rising on the horizon in July was a sign of supernatural strength and protection during this turning point of the summer months.

Buck Moon Rituals, Meditations, and Practices

Setting Powerful Intentions

The Buck Moon is a potent time for setting meaningful intentions to manifest positive change in your life. As the moon grows full, it amplifies energies making it easier to clarify goals and align actions towards growth and purpose. Some intention-setting rituals on the Buck Moon include:

  • Writing down 3-5 intentions on paper, reciting them aloud by candlelight, and burning the paper to release their power into the universe.
  • Crafting a vision board representing your goals and dreams to focus your mind’s eye on manifestation.
  • Affirming your intentions out loud while bathing in moonlight to cleanse limiting beliefs and renew clarity of purpose.

By consciously putting specific, positive intentions into action under the Buck Moon, you gain its lunar momentum to achieve meaningful change with greater ease and alignment.

Moon Manifestation Ceremonies

The potency of the Buck Moon also lends itself beautifully to manifestation ceremonies – symbolic rituals harnessing the moon’s fertile energy to “plant seeds” and call your desires into being. You may hold a private ceremony or join a guided ritual for heightened power through community intention.

Meaningful full moon manifestations may include:

  • Charging crystals or tarot cards on an altar under the moonlight to amplify their psychic energies.
  • Writing a petition letter to the universe listing your dreams then burning it between three candles.
  • Cultivating an indoor moon garden by potting plants representing growth goals and watering by moonlight.

By consciously directing your will through symbolic ceremony under the dynamic Buck Moon, you channel its auspicious power towards birthing your intentions into reality.

Connecting with Nature

The Buck Moon offers a beautiful opportunity to connect your spirit more deeply with nature. By honoring your place within the wheel of the seasons and cycles of the moon, you can realign with Mother Earth’s rhythms and revitalize your soul.

  • Take a meditative walk under the Full Buck Moon light allowing its radiance to nurture a sense of peace and belonging.
  • Camp outdoors and observe moon shadows, silver river reflections, stirring trees and wildlife under the moon’s glow.
  • Rise early to welcome the sun on Buck Moon dawn, then honor the moon’s setting with prayer or poetry.

Immersing yourself in nature is powerfully renewing under the dynamic Full Buck Moon. As you attune yourself to its light, you may feel profound reconnection surging through your spirit.

Honoring Cycles of Change and Growth

Spiritually, the Buck Moon invites you to honor the cycles of change at work in your life and their role in your personal growth. As the full moon wanes into darkness then back into light, it symbolizes the eternal cycle of endings and beginnings over which we may exert limited control.

  • On the night of the Buck Moon, reflect on a chapter of life that may be ending and craft a ritual to honor its gifts as you prepare for what’s next.
  • Write in a journal exploring how an uncomfortable ending in your past eventually brought an important new beginning or phase of growth.
  • Affirm that you stand ready to accept life’s changes with grace, courage and trust in the future.

By seeing life symbolically as cycles of loss and renewal, death and rebirth reflected in the full moon’s phases, you gain perspective to meet your own changes with wisdom, patience and faith in new beginnings.

Harnessing the Spiritual Magic of the Full Buck Moon

Tap into Moon Magic for Self-Discovery

The July Full Buck Moon is the perfect time to harness lunar energy for self-exploration and discovery. As the moon reaches its peak fullness, its magnified psychic power helps unleash our intuition, dreams, emotions, and inner wisdom.

By creating a sacred space and ritual under the Buck Moon, we can deeply connect with our highest self.

Start by clearing your mind through meditation, then visualize brilliant moonbeams pouring down and filling your crown chakra. As cosmic energy flows in, ask inwardly for guidance regarding a personal situation or insight about your life path ahead.

Pay attention to any messages, symbols or epiphanies that arise. Keep a dream journal by your bedside to capture nocturnal clairvoyance. When you align consciously with the moon’s phases, you align with your soul’s journey.

Unleash Your Intuition and Psychic Senses

The Buck Moon brings a yearly surge in extrasensory perception (ESP) and prophetic gifting. By tapping into the moon’s electric power, you can gain remarkable psychic downloads and future visions. Set a clear intention to develop your sixth sense abilities.

One way to welcome more intuition during July’s full moon is to spend quiet time gazing at the glowing lunar orb. As you feel its stellar rays infusing your mind, ask to receive truth and guidance from the cosmic realm. Pay close attention to inner nudges or sudden insights.

Keep a pen and paper handy to record premonitions.

Moon Motifs and Symbols to Inspire Dreams

Hanging dreamcatcher webs, lunar imagery or celestial jewelry near your bed stimulates vibrant dreams and soulful visions under the summer full moon’s sky beam. Symbols that represent the mystic wheel of life, like spirals, labyrinths, ouroboros snakes and Yin-Yang orbs can also activate a flood of intuitive wisdom while you sleep.

Keep a dream journal and recording device handy when you turn in for the night. Voice memos, time-stamped notes and dream dictionaries will help you interpret signs, synchronicities and scenes that unfold behind your closed eyes.

By documenting these moonlit messages, you’ll gain clarity regarding life’s winding path ahead.

During July’s Full Buck Moon, calling on foresighted animal spirit guides like deer, wolves, horses or hawks via shamanic journeying may lead to startling premonitions about relationships, career moves or health choices. Track recurring symbols and research their meanings for personal breakthroughs.

When is the Full Buck Moon 2019 and How to Observe It

The Buck Moon Date in 2019

The Full Buck Moon in 2019 will occur on July 16th

. This full moon gets its name from the fact that at this time of year, a buck’s antlers are growing rapidly, hence giving it the moniker of Buck Moon.

The Algonquin tribes who inhabited the northeastern United States called July’s full moon the Buck Moon since this month is normally when the new antlers of buck deer push out from their foreheads. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, with antler growth beginning in late spring.

Suggested Buck Moon Rituals and Activities

There are a variety of rituals and activities that can be carried out under the light of July’s Full Buck Moon to align with its symbolism and meaning:

  • Conduct a ritual to honor the cycles of nature reflected in antler growth each year
  • Spend time outdoors to view the majestic moonrise
  • Hike under moonlight to connect with nature
  • Create Buck Moon themed cra�s or artwork
  • Hold a Buck Moon circle ceremony or gathering
  • Set intentions related to masculine energy, strength, growth

The Full Buck Moon presents the perfect opportunity to tap into the vibrant summer energy all around us. As antlers grow rapidly on bucks this month, we can reflect on areas of rapid growth or change in our own lives.

This moon invites us to get active and adventurous through moonlit outdoor activities!

Some great websites to check for more details on July’s Full Buck Moon in your location are:

The Meaning of the Full Buck Moon for Your Zodiac Sign


The Full Buck Moon brings a fiery energy for Aries. This moon lights a spark within you to take action towards your biggest goals and wildest dreams. With the moon in Capricorn, there may be opportunities arising in your career or public reputation. Reach for the stars!

The moon will give you an extra boost of ambition and drive.


Taurus, the Full Buck Moon turns your attention inwards, bringing a chance to reflect on what needs changing in your emotional world. It’s time to release old fears, patterns and blocks that are holding you back. Rituals of letting go can help.

You may also feel pulled to travel, study or explore new philosophies. An open mind leads to growth.


For curious Gemini, this Full Buck Moon lights up your relationships, collaborations and social connections. It’s a beautiful time to come together and have meaningful conversations under the glowing light of the moon. New friendships and budding relationships will feel extra promising.

It’s also prime time to ask for support if you need it.


The Full Buck Moon brings a focus to your routines, health and daily rituals, Cancer. It’s the perfect time to implement lifestyle changes that serve your wellbeing. Say no to the chaos and overwhelm, and say yes to adding small self-care practices into your days.

When we nourish our inner world, our outer world transforms too.


Dramatic Leo comes alive under the glowing Full Buck Moon! With your ruling planet, the Sun, opposite the Moon, emotions and passions run high. What a fabulous time to tap into your creativity and self-expression.

The Moon in Capricorn also turns your attention to romance, children and creative hobbies. Follow your joy and let your light shine.


Dear Virgo, the Full Buck Moon brings a wave of emotions tied to your home, family and roots. It’s an ideal time to nurture your closest bonds through acts of love and care. Host a gathering, improve communication, or release old emotional patterns.

This Moon also boosts intimacy and connection in relationships. Follow your heart.


For charming Libra, this communicative Full Buck Moon boosts your perception and intellect. It’s the perfect time to speak your truth. Have those important but tricky conversations under the magical glow of the Moon. New perspectives await when you listen and share ideas openly and compassionately.

Writing, learning and connections flower now too.


Passionate Scorpio, your financial situation and self-worth come into focus under the radiant Full Buck Moon beams. Review your income, spending and savings under a microscope. Tweak your budget to align with your values. Discover fresh ways to boost your earnings doing work you love.

When you harness this transforming lunar power – magic unfolds.


Ready. Set. Glow! The lucky Full Buck Moon sends magic right to you, dear Sagittarius. It’s as if the Moon dusted her luminous light across your path ahead. With clarity, optimism and confidence, take a leap towards your biggest dreams. Lady Luck is your companion now.

Passion projects also get a lunar lift to soar. Dare to dream wild!


This Full Moon falls in your sign, wise Capricorn. It’s time to embrace, express and acknowledge your true emotions, needs and inner world – perhaps for the first time in a long time! Creating space for self-care, stillness and listening to your heart’s whispers all allow magical insight to dawn.

Dreams speak volumes now too. Record them for gold.


For humanitarian Aquarius, this introspective Full Buck Moon turns your attention inwards – towards processing old pains, releasing outgrown patterns and making inner peace. As the moon softens down your edges, you start welcoming profound healing. Support groups, counseling or ritual can help.

By loving your inner world, you shift all relationships.


Sweet Pisces, this magical Full Buck Moon activates your friendship zone, so get ready for joyful connections! Under its glow, your social calendar fills with promise – parties, events and lots of quality time with your soul tribe. For creative inspiration, collaborate with friends on artsy projects.

Your community supports you now more than ever too!


Overflowing with magic, mystery and natural wonder, the spiritual meaning of the 2019 full buck moon is ripe for you to tap into its mystical energy and allow it to nourish your dreams, goals and personal growth.

By setting powerful intentions, connecting with nature, unleashing your spiritual senses, and observing moon rituals aligned to your zodiac sign, you can ride the cresting buck moon wave to manifest abundance and insight in your life.

Allow its primal magic to awaken your creativity and intuition this July!

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