It’s a common experience to feel an odd, sudden chill or coldness wash over you for no apparent reason. You may brush it off as a draft or your imagination, but according to various spiritual traditions, inexplicable chills and cold sensations can have a deeper meaning.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Feeling random chills, cold spots, or temperature drops could signify the presence of spirits, a shift in energy around you, or divine guidance trying to get your attention.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the potential spiritual explanations behind these cold sensations. We’ll look at what major religions and belief systems say about the phenomenon as well as firsthand accounts from psychic mediums and everyday people who have experienced it.

Common Physical and Spiritual Explanations

Medical reasons like hormones and poor circulation

Feeling abnormally cold can have straightforward physiological causes. Hormone imbalances, like low thyroid, estrogen or testosterone levels, can impair the body’s ability to regulate temperature properly. Poor circulation reduces blood flow to the extremities, depriving them of warmth.

Underlying conditions like anemia or diabetes may also be to blame.

Certain medications and deficiencies in nutrients like iron, vitamin B12 or vitamin D can also leave someone chronically cold. Checking in with your doctor and getting lab tests is wise if feeling cold is a persistent issue without clear external factors.

Ghosts or spirits making their presence known

Across many spiritual traditions, unusual drops in temperature or feelings of cold with no medical explanation are seen as potential signs of ghostly visits or paranormal activity. The notion is that spirits draw energy from their environment to manifest, sometimes leading to detectable cold spots.

Whether or not you believe such explanations, many do find comfort in saging spaces, blessing homes or finding other rituals to cleanse areas that feel haunted or unwelcoming. If sensations of cold come with a sense of unease, attending to spiritual hygiene may help.

A sudden shift in energy around you

Healers often speak of energy fields around people that can fluctuate. Feeling suddenly cold with goosebumps even in warm conditions may indicate you’ve passed through a low vibration field from someone else or a place holding stressful memories.

It can help to visualize golden light around you or to shake off the chill through movement.

Alternatively, the drop in energy could stem from within – perhaps old grief or limiting beliefs surfacing to be cleansed. Either way, cold serves as a prompt to raise your vibration through loving actions.

Divine or angelic guidance

The divine realm communicates through a variety of messengers and signs. For those who feel aligned with faith traditions centered around guiding angels, unexpected cold may be seen as a way of conveying needed messages.

For instance, a chill running down your spine could validate you are on the right path or warn of impending danger.

Likewise, temperature fluctuations with no clear cause can spark introspection about whether your words, thoughts or deeds have been out of integrity. Cold reminds us to align with divine light and compassion. As physical beings, we need warmth – spiritually as well.

What Science and Medicine Have to Say

Lack of blood flow and body heat issues

From a scientific perspective, feeling abnormally cold can sometimes stem from physical conditions that restrict blood flow or reduce body heat generation. For example, an underactive thyroid gland may slow metabolism, limiting internal warmth production.

Diseases like anemia reduce oxygen transport in the bloodstream, depriving extremities of blood flow’s heating effects. Medical research shows that reduced peripheral circulation and impaired thermoregulation can induce frequent cold sensations.

Interestingly, women tend to have colder extremities on average due to higher surface area-to-mass ratio. So feeling extra chilly may simply reflect normal physiological gender differences! However, unexpected declines in core or surface temperatures may warrant closer examination to identify potential underlying causes.

Hormone changes and regulation

The endocrine system also plays a key role in metabolic processes that generate body heat. For example, the thyroid gland secretes triiodothyronine and thyroxine hormones that stimulate cellular energy production and oxygen usage.

Low thyroid hormone levels — hypothyroidism — can thus slow metabolism and reduce internal warmth generation. Women may also feel colder during certain reproductive life stages, like perimenopause and menopause, as declining estrogen levels impact thermoregulation.

On the other end of the spectrum, hyperthyroidism speeds metabolic activity, essentially revving the engine that drives heat production. But this excessive acceleration can paradoxically trigger feelings of cold — perhaps because heat dissipates rapidly or the body struggles to self-regulate temperature extremes.

Either way, uncharacteristic cold spells may signify a need for medical tests to determine if hormone levels have slipped out of optimal balance.

The physical reaction of goosebumps

Goosebumps represent an involuntary physical reaction that occurs when tiny muscles attached to body hair follicles constrict to pull the hairs upright. This puffing up of body hair originates from our evolutionary ancestry, serving to trap heat insulation from air trapped around the hairs.

Goosebumps help conserve core body warmth by reducing skin surface heat loss.

The hypothalamus triggers goosebump formation after sensing a drop in skin temperature. Cold thermal receptors in the skin send signals to the hypothalamus, which activates the sympathetic nervous system.

This stimulates involuntary goosebump muscles to contract, visually manifesting as chickenskin texture. Therefore, recurrent goosebumps may provide observable evidence of temperature regulation issues possibly stemming from circulatory or endocrine dysfunction.

Historical Accounts and Religious Texts

References in the Bible and Quran

Both the Bible and Quran make references to feeling cold as a spiritual sign. In Matthew 24:12 of the Bible, it states “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold”. This suggests that spiritual darkness and evil in the world can manifest physically as feeling cold.

Similarly, in the Quran 81:1, the surah titled “The Folding Up” begins “When the sun is folded up”, indicating an intense spiritual coldness at judgement day.

Ghost Stories from Ancient Cultures

Feeling sudden coldness is a common theme in ghost stories across ancient cultures. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, it is believed that a drop in temperature signifies the presence of a spirit. Stories of hauntings from medieval Europe often describe the area around a ghost becoming cold.

The ancient Egyptians believed the deity of the underworld, Osiris, radiated an aura of cold. This connects feeling cold to the crossing over between the world of the living and dead.

Testimonies from Psychics and Mediums

Many modern-day psychic mediums attribute sudden cold sensations as indicating spiritual contact. In a survey by the Windbridge Research Center in Arizona, over 85% of mediums experienced feeling cold as part of perceiving a spirit. Some mediums report their hands growing very hot or cold when channeling energy from spirits.

According to psychic Bill Philipps, a cold breeze out of nowhere often signifies the presence of spirit guides or angels.

Survey Percentage of Mediums Feeling Cold
Windbridge Research Center Over 85%

When to Seek Spiritual Guidance

If the chills are highly distressing emotionally

Experiencing unexplained chills can be unsettling or even frightening. If you find yourself feeling deeply troubled by recurring chills, it may be wise to consult a spiritual counselor. They can provide reassurance, help discover potential causes, and offer coping strategies.

A skilled spiritual guide understands that our emotional states often have deeper roots. They will listen with empathy and discernment to understand why the chills are causing such inner turmoil. Through compassionate yet probing questions, they may uncover core issues you have not consciously connected to the chills.

If they consistently happen at a certain time or place

When odd chills or temperature changes happen reliably around the same time, place, person, or activity, this consistency warrants exploration. Pay attention to patterns and discuss them with a spiritual mentor.

A long-trusted spiritual teacher can help determine if environmental factors are natural causes, or if certain places, times, people, or actions tend to activate orsuppress spiritual sensitivity. Keeping a journal of correlating conditions allows for fuller assessment and guidance.

If they coincide with other unexplained phenomena

When chills team up with other unexplained experiences like goosebumps, tingling sensations, strange scents, or flickering lights, engaging spiritual guidance is prudent.

An experienced spiritual advisor can contextualize and evaluate additional phenomena that may signal there are deeper spiritual dynamics at play. Documenting correlations between chill occurrences and other anomalies will inform and enable wise counsel and direction moving forward.

What To Do If You Keep Feeling Unexpected Chills

Rule out medical reasons first

If you find yourself frequently feeling cold, getting the chills, or shivering for no apparent reason, the first step is to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and ask for blood tests or other assessments to check for things like anemia, thyroid disorders, or problems with your circulation or nervous system.

Catching and addressing any health issues early on could help resolve unwelcome chills.

Pay attention to any intuitive hunches or guidance

If medical tests come back normal, tune inward. Your chills could actually be the result of you picking up on energies and information around you in a psychic or intuitive way. Try to notice if the chills happen in certain locations or situations.

Do you perhaps feel unusually cold when talking to specific people or thinking about certain decisions? The temperature changes might be signals pointing you to hidden truths or guidance about next steps to take.

Try an energy clearing ritual or prayer

Persistent chills with no medical cause could potentially indicate you are surrounded by unwanted energy attachments that suck away your body warmth. You can take back control through regular energy cleansings. For example:

  • Burn sage or palo santo in your home while stating intentions to release lower energies.
  • Take salt water spiritual baths to rinse off bad vibes.
  • Visualize being surrounded by brilliant light that eradicates cold spots.
  • Pray to archangel Michael or other spiritual figures to lift away burdens.

See if raising your vibration in these ways helps restore your temperature regulation over time.

Consult a psychic medium if activity persists

In rare cases, consistent feelings of cold with no medical explanation might signify you are sensitive to spirits. Negative entity attachments or lost souls bumping up against you energetically can manifest physical symptoms like drops in body temperature.

If chills and shivers still plague you even after cleansing rituals, consider booking a session with a reputable psychic medium. They can scan your energy field and identify if anything ghostly might be impacting your experiences.

A good psychic can provide guidance on safely releasing clingy spirits into the light and preventing further cold spots. Namaste NY and the Windbridge Research Center have directories to help you find legitimate psychics and mediums if needed.


Inexplicable cold sensations likely have mundane explanations in most cases. But many spiritual traditions hold that chills, cold spots, and feeling unexpectedly cold can have profound or even paranormal significance.

Pay attention next time it happens – is there hidden meaning or divine guidance coming through for you?

If the cold sensations become disruptive or distressing, never hesitate to consult your doctor or seek support from spiritual counselors. With an open and discerning mind, unexpected chills can perhaps guide us to truth and wisdom we might have otherwise missed.

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