Have you ever had that startling feeling that you’ve lived through a moment before – almost like you’ve already dreamed the current events happening to you? This mysterious phenomenon, known as déjà rêvé (meaning ‘already dreamed’), has intrigued philosophers, neuroscientists, and spiritual thinkers alike.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely wondering: what does it spiritually mean if I experience déjà rêvé?

In short: Having a déjà rêvé experience may signify you’re gaining spiritual insight or unlocking intuitive abilities through vivid dreams and visions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the various mystical and spiritual meanings behind déjà rêvé. We’ll explore insightful scientific theories, dive into symbolic dream interpretations, learn its connections to premonition and extrasensory perception, and unpack what major religions say about living through already dreamed moments.

Defining The Mysterious Experience of Déjà Rêvé

The Startling Feeling of Already Having Lived Through a Moment

The fascinating phenomenon of déjà rêvé, French for “already dreamed”, refers to the eerie sensation that one has already lived through or experienced the exact present moment in the past, often attributing it to a dream.

This creates a feeling of surprise, bewilderment or even shock as one struggles to understand the mysterious workings of the mind behind such mystical déjà experiences.

People report an uncanny feeling of premonition or precognition upon encountering the current events, sights, sounds and words that seem uncannily familiar. Some even recount vivid details about having previewed the moment before in a dream state.

Déjà rêvé is therefore viewed as the memory or retrieval of dream elements into waking life. Phrases like “This seems just like a dream I once had!” are commonly uttered by those undergoing déjà rêvé.

Coined by Emile Boirac – Exploring His Defining Features

The term “déjà rêvé” was coined by the French psychic researcher Emile Boirac (1851–1917) in his book L’Avenir des sciences psychiques (“The Future of Psychic Sciences”). He laid down key characteristics differentiating déjà rêvé from other common déjà experiences.

According to Boirac, déjà rêvé specifically refers to the sudden sensation that one has already dreamed about an unfolding event or scene in exact vivid detail, as opposed to just finding it familiar (déjà vu) or having imagined it before (déjà vécu).

There’s an accompanying conviction of having previewed this precise moment in a past dream, tied with surprise at this dream element entering one’s waking reality.

An Overview: Key Characteristics and Theories Behind Déjà Rêvé

Déjà rêvé intriguingly combines features of déjà vu – the unshakable feeling that one has encountered the present circumstance before, with the fanciful elements of dreams and premonitions coming alive. There are key characteristics that define déjà rêvé:

  • A strong, startling sense of having already dreamed or lived through the current experience.
  • Specific dream memories and details are recalled alongside the real-time event.
  • A sensation of dream elements crossing over into one’s waking life, making the moment seem illusory.
  • Feeling astonished, surprised or amazed at the exact correspondence between the dream and reality.
  • Theories behind déjà rêvé range from memories leaking between the dreaming/waking states, dream premonitions coming true, to even glitches in the Matrix simulation! Religious views consider it a brief glimpse of one’s destiny already written and destined to unfold.

    But most neuroscientists think it arises from the mind’s inability to distinguish between real and imagined memories.

    Scientific Explanations for Déjà Rêvé

    Theories on Neuronal Misfiring and Crossed Wires in the Brain

    Some researchers hypothesize that déjà rêvé may be caused by temporary neurological mix-ups. According to the theory of erroneous familiarity, neurons can occasionally misfire or get their signals crossed, leading to false sensations of recall and prediction.

    Links to Memory Processing and Recall

    Experts speculate déjà rêvé could stem from flaws in memory encoding, storage, or retrieval. For example, a very recent dream memory might not get properly encoded and then later gets retrieved as an older memory.

    Or disjointed dream elements during REM may be combined and remembered as one unified past dream.

    Connections to Vivid or Lucid Dreaming

    Research finds déjà rêvé happens more often in those prone to regular vivid dreaming. Frequent dream recall may make it harder to separate true past dreams from recent imaginings. Also, lucid dream states which closely mirror wakefulness may create confusion over the timeline of dream events.

    Parallels with Jamais Vu Feelings

    Déjà Rêvé Jamais Vu
    Feeling Overly familiar Totally unfamiliar
    Cause Neuronal mismatch Neuronal mismatch
    Example “I’ve dreamt this before” “This place seems new to me”

    Researchers note déjà rêvé and jamais vu may arise from similar faulty neurological signaling about novelty/familiarity. While déjà rêvé makes new things seem familiar, jamais vu makes familiar things seem new.

    Symbolic Meanings and Mystical Links to Premonition

    Dream Interpretations – Insight Into Symbolism

    Dreams have long been thought to have deeper symbolic meanings that can provide insight into our unconscious minds. Many spiritual traditions place importance on analyzing dreams to uncover hidden truths about ourselves or gain a glimpse into future events (premonition).

    According to a 2022 survey, over 65% of Americans reported experiencing déjà vu dreams that seemingly predicted or foretold events before they happened (Spiritual Research Foundation). This phenomenon is known as déjà rêvé, French for “already dreamed”.

    Common symbolic themes associated with precognitive dreams include:

    • Water – represents emotions, inner wisdom, the subconscious
    • Traveling – signify inner journeys, transitions
    • Natural disasters – endings and new beginnings

    By tuning into the symbolic language of dreams, we can unlock intuitive messages that our deeper minds are trying to convey about situations unfolding in the future.

    Premonition, Precognition and Seeing the Future

    Premonitions and precognitive dreams have been documented since ancient times. Over half of the world’s population reports having experienced a premonition that came true (IANDS).

    58% of Americans believe in psychic premonitions
    75% of premonitions occur within 1 day before event happens

    Some scientists theorize precognitive dreams utilize quantum mechanisms that allow the mind to access probable future events. As we dream, our consciousness may be able to tune into the many possible futures existing simultaneously.

    Precognitive or prophetic dreams typically have intense vivid imagery and strong associated emotions. They tend to stand out from ordinary dreams. Recording dreams and identifying recurring symbols may help tune into extrasensory signals and develop one’s intuitive capacities.

    Extrasensory Perception and Awakening Intuition

    Premonitions provide evidence that human perception may not be limited to the five physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Extrasensory perception (ESP) allows us to access insightful information through psychic or intuitive means alone.

    Developing one’s intuitive abilities takes practice but can help foresee situations before they occur. Useful exercises include:

    • Meditation – quiets inner mental chatter
    • Visualization – strengthens third eye imagining
    • Dream recall – record precognitive symbols/patterns

    Paying attention to subtle intuitive hunches allows us to tap into a deep intelligence guiding us. Awakening these radical sensitivities may unveil reality-shifting revelations about the true nature of time and consciousness.

    Spiritual and Religious Perspectives on Déjà Rêvé

    Hinduism and Past-Life Memories

    In Hinduism, dreams and déjà rêvé experiences may be seen as glimpses into past lives. The atman, or eternal soul, carries memories and impressions across various incarnations. When certain sights, sounds, or places in the current life trigger these deep impressions, feelings of familiarity can arise (Hinduwebsite, 2023).

    Some Hindus believe exploring these déjà rêvé moments through meditation or self-reflection can reveal lessons and insights useful for one’s present spiritual journey.

    Buddhism – Illusion of Self and Oneness

    Buddhists see déjà rêvé as related to the illusion of a permanent, unchanging self. When one feels they have already dreamed an event, it highlights how the sense of “I” overtime is not fixed (Whyte, 2022).

    Déjà rêvé also reflects the Buddhist idea of interdependence – how all things and events are connected. Moments when the present feels like the past point to the underlying unity of reality.

    Christianity Rethinks Prophecy and Vision

    Some Christians see déjà rêvé as related to biblical ideas of prophecy, visions, and God’s omniscience. If one seems to have dreamed the future, perhaps God granted a glimpse of what’s to come. While mainstream Christianity does not emphasize reincarnation, some accounts in the Bible such as Jesus suggesting Elijah had returned as John the Baptist hint at past-life connections (McGill, 2022).

    Déjà rêvé likewise suggests intriguing questions about the nature of time and destiny.

    Islam Considers Dreaming and Awakened Destiny

    In Islam, dreaming has spiritual significance, and dreams of the future reveal truths (WhyIslam, 2016). Muslims who experience déjà rêvé may reflect on how all moments originate with Allah. Some scholars relate it to ideas of a predestined fate and awakening one’s purpose this lifetime.

    Recording dreams and moments of déjà rêvé allows discerning Allah’s signs indicating the path ahead.


    As you can see, déjà rêvé provides fascinating insight into spiritual phenomena from a diversity of viewpoints. While some chalk it up to neurological glitches, the profound symbolic messages and links to precognitive dreaming suggest there may be deeper mystical forces at play.

    Ultimately, mindfully exploring déjà rêvé when it happens may unveil your untapped intuitive gifts. Pay attention to the symbolic meaning when you feel you already lived through a moment. It may be divine inspiration illuminating your path ahead.

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