Have you ever looked up and noticed crows circling high overhead as if they are trying to tell you something? Many cultures and spiritual belief systems see significance in the behavior of crows. If a murder of crows is circling above, you may be curious what deeper meaning and symbolism is behind this phenomenon.

In short, crows circling generally signal spiritual messages of transformation, change, and rebirth in one’s life. They are reminders to let go of what no longer spiritually serves you to make room for new blessings and lessons to come.

Read on below for more details on crow symbolism, the spiritual meanings behind crows circling based on numerology, Native American and Celtic animal totems, and how to interpret their guidance in your own life.

Overarching Crow Symbolism and Meaning

Crows have long been viewed as mysterious yet powerful creatures, appearing in mythology, folklore, and spiritual traditions across many cultures. Their jet black color, raucous caws, and tendency to feast on carrion have associated them with death, magic, and the transition between worlds.

When a murder of crows circles overhead, it often carries deeper symbolic meaning.

Harbingers of Change and Transition

Circling crows are seen by many as harbingers of transformation. Their presence signals a shift is underway, guiding us into new cycles of life. As Jim Morrison once sang, “This is the end, my only friend, the end.” Crows seem to usher in endings and new beginnings (Audubon).

In Celtic tradition, crows escort souls to the afterlife. They guide spirits stuck between worlds, bringing messages between this world and the next. When circling overhead, crows may indicate a nearby dying soul in need of guidance.

Their presence marks a threshold, a crossing over from one state to another.

Messengers Between Worlds

As threshold guardians and psychopomps, crows have long carried messages between different planes of existence. Celtic goddesses like Morrigan and Badb would shapeshift into crows to gather intelligence from our world and report back to the world of spirits and deities.

When circling in sky, crows may be communing with other realms and gathering insight to bestow upon those willing to listen below. The appearance of circling crows signals it’s time to open one’s mind and receive their gifts of clairvoyance, magic, and supernatural awareness.

As active bridges between worlds, crows circle to remind us that reality is far more profound than it seems.

Calls to Free Your Soul

Another symbolic meaning crows hold is freedom. As intelligent, resourceful scavengers, crows symbolize a wild, untamable spirit that boldly follows its own path. When circling overhead, crows may be calling to the souls below to claim their freedom, cast off restraints, and let their spirits soar.

Murders of crows often contain juveniles still reliant on their parents. Yet once they mature, they typically leave their flock and strike out on their own. The crow is a fiercely autonomous creature, relying on its wits, not its clan (All About Birds).

Circling crows could signify now is the time claim your independence and sovereignty as well.

Positive Meanings Negative Meanings
Change, rebirth Death, endings
Spiritual awakenings and insight Uncertainties, getting lost
Freedom, nonconformity Tricksters, deception

Of course, not all meanings crows hold are positive. They can represent darker omens as well (see table). But when interpreting circling crows, focus less on divining good or bad tidings. Instead, see their presence as a call to expand awareness and embrace profound transition in your life.

Crows Circling in Groups of Two or Three

Crows gathering and circling in small groups often carries deeper meaning. In particular, sightings of two or three crows have distinctive spiritual significance. As spirit animals, crows give us messages and insights about changes happening in our lives.

Pairs of Crows Signal Balance and Unity

Seeing two crows together highlights the power of partnership and cooperation. In Native American tradition, crows flying in pairs represent the balance of male and female energies coming together. The presence of coupled crows is a sign to nurture the important relationships in your life.

In Celtic lore, a pair of crows also represents the sacred feminine and masculine united as one. Spotting two crows circling above symbolizes the soul and intuition joining forces with the rational mind.

This sighting encourages listening to your intuitive wisdom along with logic when facing dilemmas.

Three Crows Indicate Manifestation and Progress

Groups of three crows hold special meaning in various mystical traditions. In Celtic mythology, the triple crow is associated with Morrigan, the goddess of war and fertility. Seeing three crows predicts a powerful shift is imminent. Get ready for a new phase of growth!

In Norse legend, Odin the god of healing and wisdom had two crows named Huginn and Muninn sat on his shoulders, representing thought and memory. Spotting three crows is viewed as a visitation from Odin, portending healing, clarity and progress ahead. Stay mindful and open to inner guidance.

Across shamanic cultures, three is considered a mystical number representing the trinity of body, mind and spirit. When three crows appear, it’s believed to symbolize this sacred triad coming into alignment within you. The crows usher in a time of amplified power and vision.

2 Crows Balance, Partnership, Feminine/Masculine Union
3 Crows Manifestation, Powerful Transition, Healing and Wisdom

So next time you spot a pair of crows or three crows circling above, contemplate the deeper meaning. These sightings of small crow gatherings often foretell positive shifts just ahead. Harness their symbolic power!

Crows Circling in Larger Groups

Crows gathering and circling in large, noisy groups is a remarkable sight to behold. But what does it actually mean when you see a murder of crows swirling overhead or perched together on branches or power lines?

Seeing crows congregating is generally a sign that they are preparing to roost for the night. Crows, which are highly social birds, gather together in large communal roosts to sleep overnight. These roosting gatherings can number from small flocks of a few dozen to huge hordes of several thousand crows all clustered together.

The sight of masses of crows converging on a roosting area in the early evening, calling raucously and circling around a few times before settling down, is impressive.

Signals of Protection and Community

When crows circle together like this, it can carry spiritual meaning related to community and mutual protection. In many cultures, a crow is seen as a spirit animal representing foretelling change and magical manifestation.

Their behavior of collectively gathering and looking out for threats is a sign of unity, dependence on the group, and shared responsibility to be vigilant against danger.

Seeing a large, swirling flock of crows implies you may currently require support and solidarity from friends, family or your wider community. The crows signify sticking together through difficulty and warning each other about potential threats or deceptions.

Their noisy, active circling shows they are scanning for risks, working collectively, and not allowing complacency to set in.

Signals of Death and Transformation

A dark, cawing swarm of crows circling overhead has often been mythically linked to death and forewarning of mortality. This persists today when we describe a gathering of crows as a “murder” and associate them with darkness, loss and ominous fortune telling.

In some cases, a circling flock of crows really does ominously foreshadow a death – because the crows may have spotted carrion and are excitedly gathering for a feeding frenzy on a fresh animal carcass lying below them.

However, the spiritual meaning usually runs deeper than just imminent physical death and relates more to the symbolism of transition, change and metaphorical transformation.

The crow has long been regarded as a spirit guide helping souls safely transition across to the afterlife. When you notice crows energetically circling, it may signal it is time for you to discard old ways which no longer serve you, leaving behind what you have outgrown so that you can rise up renewed.

The crow’s dark wings can inspire rebirth out of the void.

Number of Crows Circling Symbolic Spiritual Meaning
Small flock under 20 Support and protection needed from close community currently
Large flock 20 – 100+ Time to join with others to manifest an outcome or stand guard against deception
Huge horde 500+ Monumental life change is imminent, prepare to leave an aspect of yourself or old way of living behind

Next time you observe crows collectively swirling through the skies, tune in to their powerful symbolic guidance. The crows could be bringing an alert, acting as psychopomps signaling transformation, or simply gathering to settle in for the night.

Either way, witnessing that remarkable sight serves as a reminder we often accomplish more when working side-by-side.

Crow and Raven Meanings in Native American Culture

Crows and ravens have profound meaning in mythology and spirituality across many Native American tribes. Both birds are viewed as intelligent, mystical creatures that bridge the material and spiritual worlds.

According to native traditions, crows and ravens serve as messengers between humans and spirit beings, playing a significant role in prophecy and divination.

Crows as Tricksters

Many Northwest tribes, such as the Haida and Tlingit, characterize crows as the familiar trickster figure Coyote, calling them “Coyote’s children.” Stories portray crows as clever pranksters, challenging societal norms and exposing human follies.

Yet their ability to solve problems also signifies transformation, adaptability, and overcoming adversity.

Ravens as Creators and Teachers

The raven features prominently in Pacific Northwest cultures as a spiritual figure associated with life, knowledge, and creation. According to Kwakwaka’wakw and Nuu-chah-nulth oral histories, the Raven was the creator who freed the first humans from darkness after stealing the sun, moon, stars, fresh water, and fire from an evil spirit who kept them locked away.

Beyond myths, ravens are respected throughout North America as intelligent peers from whom humans can learn. Their memory, curiosity, and ability to mimic words are often interpreted as signs of supernatural communication gifts.

For many Northwest groups like the Tlingit and Tsimshian, the raven even gave humans the gift of language itself.

Harbingers of Transformation

Across tribes, spotting a crow or raven often signifies coming change. Crows are viewed as a harbinger of physical transitions, such as seasonal changes, harvests, and weather patterns. Ravens also announce shifts but are more concerned with internal transformation – from childhood to adulthood, out of grief or suffering, releasing the old to welcome the new, and death into afterlife.

Whether crows or ravens, their presence is a sign to prepare for endings, beginnings, and awakening to greater mysteries. Indeed, Native American traditions recognize these remarkable birds not just as physical creatures but spirits come to teach us, guide us, and reveal life’s boundless magic.

Crows in Celtic Animal Symbolism

Crows hold a special meaning in Celtic animal symbolism. Known for their intelligence, playfulness, and tendency to stick together in communal roosts, crows have long been respected in Celtic cultures (LearnReligions).

Signs of Transition and Change

Celts viewed the crow as an omen of transition and change. When a crow appears during a period of transformation in one’s life, it signals the need to adapt to the changes at hand. As highly adaptable creatures themselves, crows remind us to prepare for new beginnings with resourcefulness and vision.

In Celtic legend, the goddess Morrígan was said to shapeshift into a crow. As a shapeshifter deity, Morrígan represents the constantly changing nature of existence. Her crow form teaches us to embrace necessary shifts with courage and awareness.

Messengers Between Worlds

Given their ability to traverse between the canopy and forest floor with ease, crows epitomize the concept of a mediator between worlds. Celtic tales depict crows as carrying messages from humans to spirits, acting as an envoy between the mortal realm and Otherworld.

Seeing a crow may indicate that the veil between dimensions is particularly thin at that moment. Celtic seers considered crows as omens to pay attention to any visions, dreams or insights received during such times, for they contained messages from the divine.

Significance of Crow Feathers

Finding a crow feather held special meaning in Celtic tradition. Crow feathers represented wisdom and foresight – a message that events are coming into alignment in your favor. Spotting a crow quill was seen as a call to heightened observation, for details that first escaped your notice would soon be revealed.

Crow feathers were sometimes used in Celtic ceremony and ritual to invoke cosmic forces and usher in oracles. Seers would sleep with crow feathers under their bed to induce prophetic dreams and understandings.

Communal Spirit and Service

Crows maintain complex social dynamics within communal roosts. Their balanced give-and-take relationships illustrate the interconnection central to Celtic philosophy. Seeing crows reminds us that we thrive when prioritizing community commitment and mutual service over self-centered goals.

In this spirit, Celtic blessings involving crows often asked for “service and strength and the blessing of light”. Crows represent the blessing that comes from dedication to one’s tribe – a cornerstone of Celtic wisdom.

How to Interpret Crow Circling Omens in Your Life

Crows circling in the skies and cawing loudly can feel unnerving, but this behavior often carries profound spiritual meaning. Interpreting crow omens requires quieting your mind, observing closely, and having basic crow knowledge.

Study Crow Behavior

Before assigning symbolic meaning to circling crows, learn normal crow behaviors. Crows are highly social, intelligent birds who communicate constantly. Circling, diving or swooping through the air and cawing loudly are all common crow activities.

Crows also hold funerals – loud gatherings to mourn dead crows. They may circle above a fallen crow or predator that threatens their flock. Understanding healthy crow communication helps discern supernatural messages.

Look Inward for Insight

Animal messengers through subtle signs guide people inward for soul-searching and self-reflection. Therefore, seeing circling crows is a call to ask:

  • What personal, spiritual or societal struggles weigh on my mind?
  • Do I need confidence to speak my truth or stand up to manipulators?
  • Am I ignoring messages from my soul due to distractions or stubbornness?

More crow knowledge aids this personal insight. In native traditions, crows link the spiritual and physical worlds as messengers. Celtic lore views crows as portents of change. Pay attention to intuitions, dreams or gut feelings after sightings.

Symbolism of Circling Crow Numbers

The number of circling crows also carries meaning:

One Crow – Turn inward for soul wisdom
Two Crows – Balance dark/light in relationships or choices
Three Crows – Trinity representing spiritual awakenings
Four+ Crows – Apache lore warns of potential dangers

Crow Circling Omens Summary

Next time crows noisily circle overhead, quiet your mind and see what soul messages arrive. Analyze feelings and intuitions afterwards for personal meaning. Understanding crow symbolism aids discernment.

Crow sightings remind us to find balance, speak truth, hear wisdom within, and prepare for coming changes.


To recap, groups of crows circling overhead carry deep spiritual wisdom and signals of change. Their presence is a reminder to shed what is no longer serving your highest path to make room for new blessings and lessons soon to come.

Pay attention to crow omens when they appear and contemplate the areas of life that need transformation. If you honor their messages with courage and grace, crows promise opportunity for rebirth and heightened intuition through the shifts ahead.

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