Stones and crystals have been used for spiritual and healing purposes for thousands of years. In recent times, cabochon stones, which are shaped and polished rather than faceted, have become increasingly popular for their mystical properties.

But what is the spiritual meaning behind these smooth, domed stones?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Cabochon stones are believed to absorb, hold, and emanate energies more gently and steadily than faceted stones, making them ideal for spiritual healing, divination, and strengthening one’s connection with mystical realms or inner wisdom.

Specific cabochons also carry unique properties – for example, moonstone cabochons enhance intuition and feminine energy.

In this complete guide, we will uncover the intriguing history and lore around cabochon stones, provide an overview of the spiritual meaning and uses of cabochons, and explore the properties of 12 top cabochon gems.

What Are Cabochon Stones?

The Meaning Behind the Shape

Cabochon stones are gems or other beautiful minerals which are shaped and polished to a smooth, rounded (but not faceted or engraved) surface. Many stones, particularly semi-precious and precious gemstones, are cut with a rounded upper surface and a flat back surface to enhance their natural color and chatoyance.

This brilliant, velvety sheen is often prized among collectors and jewelers.

The term cabochon comes from the Old French word caboche meaning “head” or “small dome”, referring to the stone’s smooth rounded shape which resembles a skullcap. Cabochons can come in a wide variety of materials, though some of the most common include quartz, jade, agate, onyx, lapis lazuli and turquoise.

Many collectors are drawn to them for their unique spiritual meanings.

As gemstones and minerals, many believe cabochon stones can facilitate healing, protection, self-knowledge and renewal. Some associate them with tapping into the Earth’s metaphysical energy and natural wisdom. The round shape in particular is thought to symbolize cycles, wholeness and unity.

Common Cabochon Stones and Their Meanings

Here are some of the most popular cabochon stones used in jewelry and for spiritual purposes:

Stone Meaning
Jade Love, compassion, wisdom, balance, good luck
Tiger Eye Protection, courage, grounding, prosperity
Turquoise Communication, purification, serenity, positive energy

The shape and polish of cabochon stones is thought to help direct metaphysical energy, powering positive intentions and manifesting desired realities. As with all crystal and stone lore, individual experiences and interpretations will vary.

But many cabochon stone lovers will connect to these unique, time-honored gems on a deep spiritual level.

To read more about the history and spiritual traditions around cabochon stones, check this article from Crystal Information Encyclopedia.

The History and Lore of Cabochon Stones

Use in Ancient Cultures

Cabochon stones have been used for spiritual and ceremonial purposes since ancient times. Evidence shows they were worn as talismans by the Egyptians, used in rituals by Indigenous tribes of North America, and crafted into amulets across many early cultures.

Their luminous and mesmerizing sheen likely imbued them with an aura of magic and mystique.

Archaeologists have uncovered cabochon stones featuring intricate carvings of spiritual symbols and deities at sites ranging from tombs of Egyptian nobles to Mayan temples to Aboriginal Australian dwelling places.

This further confirms the stones held deep cultural and supernatural meaning in antiquity. Even when polished simply into smooth domes without decoration, their flowingorganic forms and hypnotic light effects appear to have signified the divine.

Symbolic Meanings

Throughout history up to the modern day, the flowing, water-like appearance of cabochons has linked them symbolically to feminine energy, the moon, intuition, and the flow of life. Their protective dome shape emulates forces that shelter us, whether the sacred feminine or the sky itself.

Specific colors also yield their own rich meaning.

For instance, blue cabochons may represent openness, peace and calm, evoking vast waters or clear skies. Green stones can symbolize growth, vitality and healing, connecting with thriving nature and forests. Red brings vital fire and passion, while purple links to visionary Higher Mind states.

There are certainly many avenues for interpretation!

The Spiritual Uses and Meanings of Cabochons

Absorbing and Emanating Energy

Cabochon stones are believed to absorb energies from their environment and the people around them. According to spiritual healers, the smooth backs and curved bottoms of cabochons direct this absorbed energy back outward, allowing them to emanate soothing and healing vibrations (Crystal Vaults).

Many crystal practitioners place cabochons like amethyst, rose quartz, or jade in spaces needing positive energy or around people who need spiritual cleansing or balancing.

Supporting Divination and Intuition

The reflective, undulating surfaces of cabochon stones are said to aid intuitive abilities and divination practices like scrying. Abalone shell, black obsidian, tiger’s eye, opal, and moonstone cabochons are popular choices for scrying mirrors.

As spiritual teacher Dayna Wiederrecht writes: “The swirling colors and patterns help to open the third eye, enhance psychic visions, and support deeper spiritual communion with higher guidance.” Practitioners also gaze into cabochon stones when seeking answers to questions or clairvoyant visions.

Strengthening One’s Connection to the Mystical

With their unique asymmetric shapes and striking, flowing patterns of color, cabochons are said to offer windows into mystical realms beyond ordinary perception. Different traditions ascribe fantastical origins to special cabochons; for example, some believe amber cabochons contain tears wept by birds mourning the setting sun.

Imbuing cabochons with legendary narratives and mythic properties helps strengthen practitioners’ sense of connection to magical dimensions.

Stone Type Special Cabochon Uses
Black onyx Repelling negative energies
Amethyst Cleansing healing spaces
Moonstone Enhancing intuition

12 Top Cabochon Stones and Their Properties


Known as the “sobriety stone,” amethyst is believed to help purify the mind and clear negative energy. This regal purple stone emits a peaceful and calming energy, acting as a natural tranquilizer to soothe emotional turmoil.

Wearing amethyst offers protection, promotes self-awareness and intuition, and enhances wisdom and insight. The spiritual meaning of amethyst makes it an ideal stone for meditation and self-reflection.


The divine feminine spirit lives inside moonstone, a highly mystical stone with a divine feminine spirit. Connected to the moon and the ancient lunar calendar, this milky stone represents new beginnings and rebirth.

Moonstone inspires receptivity and helps us develop intuition, get in touch with our emotions, and achieve inner balance. By promoting positive thinking, moonstone removes negativity from the body and spirit.


A stone of hope and positive transformation, opal amplifies emotions and releases inhibitions to uncover one’s true self. Its energy resonates with the full spectrum of visible light, displaying brilliant flashes of color. Opal helps open the mind to new possibilities and carries a childlike wonder.

It promotes introspection and assists during times of transition, helping to release anger and negative thoughts during difficult times of change.


One of the oldest stones ever used in spiritual practice, turquoise resonates with the energy of the sky. It brings the high vibration of the heavens into the soul, promoting balance, wisdom, trust, and understanding.

The distinctive blue-green color connects us to the natural world and awakens our psychic abilities. Turquoise also acts as a protective stone that absorbs negative energy.

Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz opens the heart to all types of love. Its soothing pink color emits calming vibrations to restore trust and harmony. Rose quartz releases emotional wounds and traumas stored in the heart, allows the true self to emerge, and reminds us how to love ourselves.

It brings compassion, gentleness, and emotional healing energy to encourage self-love.


With a highly grounding and stabilizing energy, hematite calms and focuses the mind. Its metallic gray surface lends it the nickname “stone for the mind.” Balancing masculine and feminine energies within the body, hematite boosts willpower, banishes negativity, and transforms any form of weakness.

It empowers those who wear it with the courage to dissolve ego, overcome compulsions and self-destructive patterns of behavior.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye combines the grounding energy of the earth with the fiery energy of the sun. Its rich golden hue resonates optimistically with the solar plexus chakra to boost confidence and willpower. Tiger’s eye teaches balance between extremes, harmony between polarities, and understanding without judgment.

It brings focus to accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas into reality.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli awakens mental clarity, expands cosmic awareness, and encourages enlightenment. Its profound blue color stimulates the higher mind and consciousness. The gold flecks found in lapis lazuli represent fragments of pure light from the sun.

Lapis lazuli facilitates spiritual journeying and stimulates psychic abilities while promoting deeper levels of self-understanding by rapidly connecting the physical dimension to the celestial realm.


Known as the self-esteem stone, carnelian boosts passion, confidence, and determination while simultaneously grounding and anchoring erratic tendencies. Its vibrant orange-red hue resonates with the sacral chakra, increasing vitality, creativity, and joy.

Carnelian activates the lower three chakras to improve access to abundant energy reserves held deep within the body and spirit. It provides a constant flow of life force energy.


Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, making it an excellent stone for protection and purification. Its striated green color can resemble eyes or a peacock’s tail, representing vision and openness to new perspectives and ideas.

Malachite clears and activates the throat and heart chakras, enabling the articulation of feelings and promoting emotional balance. It also enhances leadership ability.


Believed to bless whatever it touches, jade signifies purity and spiritual awakening. This green stone encourages practicality, self-discipline, wisdom, justice, and mercy. Long valued in Asia for its beauty and mystical properties, jade activates the heart chakra, inspiring courage, love, and compassion.

It promotes prosperity while emanating divine unconditional love into one’s life.


Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information and opening the mind to new opportunities. Its great capacity to absorb, store, and release energy makes fluorite ideal for purification and dispelling negative energy.

The stone clears electromagnetic fog that overwhelms the mind while harmonizing diverse energies into a unified whole to increase intuitive abilities and achieve greater spiritual order.

Stone Spiritual Meaning
Amethyst Purification, calmness
Moonstone New beginnings, intuition
Opal Transformation, childlike wonder


Cabochon gemstones have long been revered across cultures for their subtle but powerful energetic qualities. With their smooth dome shape, cabochons gently focus and transmit energy in a steady, soothing way – making them ideal for spiritual healing, divination, and developing one’s connection with higher guidance or inner wisdom.

From moonstone to malachite, each cabochon also carries its own unique set of metaphysical properties and symbolic meanings. By understanding the history and spiritual lore around these mesmerizing polished stones, we can mindfully tap into their potential to enrich our lives and evolve consciousness.

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