Have you ever heard that some babies are born with their eyes open? If your little one entered the world gazing up at you, you may be wondering what it means.

In short, babies born with eyes open are thought to have a special connection to the spiritual realm. Some believe it’s a sign they have heightened intuition or are an old soul.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the history, lore, and interpretation around infants born with open eyes.

The History and Folklore of Newborns With Eyes Open

Stories and Beliefs in Various Cultures

There are many folk tales and beliefs in cultures around the world about newborn babies who enter this world with their eyes wide open. In many societies, these infants are seen as special, gifted with supernatural abilities, second sight, or a spiritual connection from birth.

Some cultures even believe a baby keeping its eyes open signals future leadership, wisdom, or psychic talents.

For example, in Celtic myth, babies born with their peepers open are believed to possess gifts of prophecy and vision. This stems from Celtic goddesses of childbirth like Aine and Clíona who were said to gift babies with psychic talents at birth.

There are also Irish and Scottish legends of magical “seers” in history who were allegedly born with eyes agape, like prophetess Bean Chaointe.

In early Native American tribes, elders claimed infants born with unshut eyes were destined to be medicine men, healers, shamans or oracles, as the open eyes demonstrated a built-in connection to the spirit world. Tribes like the Cherokee have traditional stories on the unique powers of these babes.

Eastern societies like China, Japan and India also link this odd newborn phenomenon to supernatural visionary gifts or psychic awareness stemming straight from the womb.

Link to Psychic Abilities and Second Sight

Why would eyes remaining open at birth signify psychic talents or second sight? Biologically speaking, a newborn emerges from a dark womb suddenly flooded by light and color for the first time. Newborns cannot see clearly and have blurred vision in the first hours after birth.

However, some believe a baby keeping its eyes wide open despite the blurriness demonstrates an inner intuition or ability to “see” beyond ordinary sight from the very start.

Scientifically speaking, the phenomenon is the result of collagen not forming completely or getting stuck in the amniotic fluid. According to Dr. Ashley Roman, MD, a pediatrician at NYU Langone Health, “The bleach gets into the amniotic fluid and the baby is essentially marinating in that amniotic fluid throughout pregnancy.

The bleach basically burns the surface of the skin and eyes.” So while the condition may have inspired mystical folklore in history, today doctors understand the biological causes behind this peculiar occurrence.

Spiritually speaking, some argue this temporary glitch during delivery in fact creates visibility into the soul. Mystics say arriving in daylight with eyes agape allows special newborns to access both the material realm and ethereal plane at once, gifting intrinsic talents of the psyche and visionary senses untapped inside others.

Whether medical anomaly or spiritual signal, newborns born with unsealed eyes have sparked mythologies, magic and meaning across mankind.

Possible Symbolic and Spiritual Meanings

A Strong Soul Entering the World

Babies born with their eyes open are believed to have an old, evolved soul destined for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. This rare occurrence is interpreted as a sign that the infant’s soul is very strong, allowing them to enter the world fully awake and alert.

Some societies perceive this as evidence of a special connection to divine or supernatural forces.

In many cultures, open-eyed newborns are thought to be highly intuitive with a keen sense of their surroundings and environment from the moment they emerge. Their early visual awareness indicates a depth of innate understanding and perception going beyond the physical.

Innate Curiosity and Alertness

The alertness demonstrated can signify lives spent acquiring knowledge, now manifesting as intellectual intensity and curiosity. Open eyes represent eagerness to discover, analyze, and soak up information about their new world.

This innate inquisitiveness and wakefulness may also point to above-average intelligence later in the child’s development.

In some spiritual circles, the phenomenon foretells a destiny influenced by visionary experiences. The infant’s demonstrated desire to visually connect with their surroundings hints at a life path guided by visions, symbols, and a higher purpose.

Their watchful eyes act as windows to a soul seeking higher awareness from the very start.

Destined For Wisdom and Leadership

Looking deeply inward while keenly observing outward reality is a profound skill. Leaders relying on self-knowledge and insight to inform major decisions have long guided society’s evolution. Thus, open-eyed newborns are often seen as destined to impact future generations.

There are legends of great sages and prophets with open eyes at birth, who grew up to gain mystic understandings and impart spiritual wisdom. Figures like Zoroaster, Ra Hoor Khuit, and even Jesus entered this world eyes wide open.

So children born this way may be fated to follow similar enlightened, visionary paths. If nurtured appropriately through childhood’s wonder, their watchful gaze could one day manifest as revelations uplifting humanity.

Interpretations Summary Key Themes
Strong, evolved soul Spiritual depth
Intuition and perception Inquisitiveness
Visionary experiences Destined for wisdom

Personal Accounts and Experience

Being born with one’s eyes open, also known as being born “caulbearer”, is a rare phenomenon that has fascinated people for centuries. Though the medical reasons behind this occurrence are not fully understood, many cultures have viewed caulbearers as having unique spiritual gifts and destinies.

According to first-hand accounts, many born with eyes open report vivid dreams, visions, and premonitions from a young age. Maria Santos, a caulbearer from Los Angeles said, “Ever since I can remember I’ve had very intense, almost prophetic dreams. There is definitely something mystical about it.”

Caulbearers also tend to be highly intuitive and empathic. Justin Weyers was born with both eyes wide open in a hospital in Berlin. “I’ve always been able to pick up on other people’s emotions and energy,” he explained. “I seem to have a sixth sense about people and situations.”

In addition to extraordinary perceptual abilities, some caulbearers feel a deep connection to the spiritual realm. Shannon Maguire, author of “Spiritually Gifted: My Life as a Caulbearer” wrote, “From a very young age I could see auras and energies around people.

I also communicated with spirits and angels.”

However, being born with eyes open is not always seen as a blessing. Negative societal perceptions can be challenging for caulbearers to manage. “People are sometimes frightened or suspicious of my abilities,” remarked Maguire.

“Learning to embrace my gifts while navigating other people’s discomfort has been difficult.”

Nonetheless, many caulbearers view their unique traits as sacred. “I truly believe I was born this way for a reason,” stated Santos. “Though my path has had challenges, my intuitive gifts guide and sustain me.”

Further research is needed to understand the scientific reasons behind this phenomenon. However, the hundreds of personal accounts from caulbearers confirm an intriguing link between being born with eyes open and extraordinary spiritually-related abilities.

Their insights provide a fascinating glimpse into unique nonphysical gifts and perceptions.

Advice For Parents Raising a Spiritually Gifted Child

Nurturing Intuition and Psychic Sensitivities

Children with spiritual gifts like intuition, empathy, telepathy or precognition may seem more sensitive and emotional than other kids. As a parent, it’s important to nurture these traits positively rather than suppress them.

Help your child understand that their abilities are a strength, not a weakness. Teach them exercises like meditation to calm their mind and manage sensory overload. Most importantly, let them know you believe in them and their experiences.

Finding a support community can also help psychic children feel less alone. See if there are any family counselors, spiritual leaders or support groups for spiritually gifted youth in your area. Having relatable peers and mentors can boost their confidence and self-acceptance.

If in-person groups aren’t available, look into online communities like the Spiritually Gifted Kids Network.

Cultivating Creativity and Self-Awareness

Creativity and self-reflection go hand-in-hand with spiritual awakening. Make sure to allow plenty of time for your child to daydream, create art and explore their inner landscape through journaling. Refrain from overscheduling them with structured activities and let their spontaneous inspiration guide their play.

When it comes to creativity, the process is more important than the product, so let them follow their bliss without judgement. Display their artwork prominently at home even if it seems abstract. Ask open-ended questions about the meanings behind their creative choices instead of critiquing technique.

Teaching Focus and Emotional Maturity

While rich inner lives characterize spiritually precocious children, they may struggle at times to stay grounded and focused. Help them learn tools like mindful breathing, concentrating on the physical sensations of sitting, and listening fully without interrupting.

As they get older, teach them to balance intuition with logic, compassion with boundaries and self-knowledge with pragmatic planning.

Make sure they know that no emotion or impulse is inherently “bad.” Help them sit with difficult feelings until understanding emerges. Explain that maturity means observing our anger, fear or cravings without reacting impulsively. A wise inner witness can be cultivated over time.

With patience and self-honesty, psychic children can transform even their “shadow” side into a source of empathy and spiritual depth.

Age Sample Practices
5-8 years Breath awareness, drawing mandalas, free dance
9-12 years Gratitude journaling, labyrinth walking, drum circles
13+ years Chanting, dream interpretation, mindfulness of technology use


If your new arrival entered this world with eyes gazing up at you, they may be an old soul with spiritual gifts and sensitivities. By nurturing their talents and supporting their development, these children can grow into exceptional, visionary leaders.

While the lore varies between cultures, most associate newborns with open eyes as having a strong spirit, an innate wisdom, and special understanding of the world around them. If your baby was born this way, they are sure to enrich your life with meaning.

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