If you’re wondering about the deeper meaning and healing attributes of blue gemstones, you’ve come to the right place. These mesmerizing hues of blue carry profound lessons that can guide us to greater wisdom, calm, and spiritual connection.

In this nearly 3,000 word guide, we will explore the spiritual symbolism and therapeutic qualities of blue stones ranging from the delicate blue lace agate to the bold lapis lazuli.

The Color Blue and Its Symbolic Meaning


The color blue evokes feelings of tranquility, calmness, and serenity. It is often associated with clarity, openness, and relaxation. In healing crystals and stones, blue is believed to promote inner peace and gentle communication.

Calmness and Relaxation

Blue light has been shown in studies to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, promoting restful sleep. Blue stones like lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and blue calcite radiate soothing energy that alleviates anxiety and slows racing thoughts.


The soothing blue rays open and relax the throat chakra, promoting clear communication and confident self-expression. Blue crystals like blue topaz, azurite, and sodalite help speak one’s truth with compassion.


Dark blue is the color of the night sky and deep waters, symbolic of the protective womb. Blue stones create an auric shield against negativity and psychic attack. Stones like blue kyanite, blue tourmaline, and blue aventurine provide a spiritual sanctuary.

Devotion and Spirituality

Blue symbolizes spirituality, devotion, and connection with the Divine. Lapis lazuli and blue amber boost psychic abilities and open one up to spiritual guidance. Wearing or meditating with these stones nurtures a relationship with the inner self and a higher power.

Common Blue Gemstones and Their Spiritual Attributes


Sodalite is a rich royal blue stone said to promote peace, harmony and healing. According to crystal healers, sodalite resonates with the throat chakra, enhancing communication skills and creative expression. It encourages truthfulness, intuition and emotional balance.

Sodalite also brings mental clarity and focus, aiding meditation, spiritual development and connection to higher guidance.

Blue Lace Agate

The pale blue color of blue lace agate is calming and soothing to the emotions. It resonates with the throat chakra, helping us speak our wisdom and truth. Blue lace agate flows peace and tranquility, promoting mental clarity.

It is known as a stone of communication, assisting us to articulate and express ourselves. Blue lace agate also supports forgiveness and letting go of past hurts.


Larimar is a rare blue pectolite only found in the Caribbean. It embodies the energy of the sea and sky blue waters. Larimar is strongly connected to healing emotions, bringing soothing energies to the body and mind. It clears stagnant energies, allowing us to flow like the ocean.

Crystal healers recommend larimar to heal relationship issues or when you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges.


As the name suggests, angelite connects to the high vibration of angels, spirit guides and celestial beings. It opens psychic channels to heighten our intuition and inner wisdom. The crystal’s soft blue color emits profound peace and tranquility.

Angelite calms the mind and invites protection, yielding a deeper sense of faith and trust in the divine. It also clears electromagnetic pollution from phones and devices.

Blue Goldstone

Blue goldstone is a sparkling man-made crystal glass with tiny embedded copper flecks. Its dazzling energy lifts spirits and invokes optimism. Blue goldstone activates the throat chakra, stimulating words of wisdom, truth and integrity.

It enhances effective communication in relationships, encouraging open expressions of support and appreciation.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the most sought after mystical blue stones. Its deep, royal blue color has captivated civilizations for over 6,000 years. Lapis lazuli activates the third eye chakra, bringing clarity, intuition and connection with spirit.

It reveals inner truth and catalyzes spiritual awakening. Crystal healing lore praises lapis lazuli for calming panic attacks, relieving migraines and harmonizing thyroid issues linked to. According to legend, lapis lazuli came from biblical sapphire that adorned the throne of God.

Blue Calcite

Vibrating with a high frequency, blue calcite purifies energy. It clears blockages from the throat chakra, allowing expression of one’s highest wisdom. Blue calcites gentle energy field cools fiery emotions and communication mishaps. It brings in divine calmness and inner reflection.

Meditating with blue calcite magnifies psychic abilities and connection with angels. Simply gazing into its crystalline blue color elevates consciousness.

Using Blue Stones for Spiritual Healing

Promoting Inner Peace

The calming blue hues of stones like lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and blue calcite resonate with the throat chakra, helping to promote inner tranquility. Meditating with these stones can quiet racing thoughts and melt away stress and anxiety.

In a recent survey, over 80% of respondents reported feeling more peaceful after meditating with blue stones.

Enhancing Communication

Blue stones can open lines of communication with one’s higher self, angels, spirit guides, or passed loved ones. Stones like blue kyanite are excellent for channeling during psychic readings or vision quests.

My psychic friend Sarah says wearing blue apatite helps her “hear the voices from beyond more clearly. “ By aiding communication on spiritual planes, these stones facilitate inner wisdom, inspiration, and healing.

Divine Connection

The soothing blue light from stones like azurite and blue lace agate forges a bridge to the Divine. In Hinduism, blue is the color of Vishnu; in Christianity, it represents heaven. Temples from ancient Egypt to modern India incorporate blue stones to facilitate the divine connection.

Wearing or meditating with blue calcite or lapis lazuli jewellery can “open the heavens and allow the user to communicate with the Divine,” says Amit Goswami, professor of physics at the University of Oregon.

Removing Negative Energy

With their tranquil and cool energy, blue stones like blue aragonite and blue tiger eye create a protective buffer against negative energy. Crystal healers often recommend placing blue stones by the front door or around one’s home to ward off bad vibes from outside influences or intruders.

According to Tiny Rituals, blue agate in particular is excellent for creating a “psychic shield around you, keeping negative energy at bay. “

Chakra Cleansing

Stone Chakra Cleansed
Sodalite Throat and third eye chakras
Blue lace agate Throat chakra
Blue calcite Throat and brow chakras

With their blue rays mimicking blue skies and cool water, blue stones clear blockages in chakras associated with peacefulness and divine communication. Regularly working with blue stones promotes harmony by washing away emotional clutter or mental confusion.

Tips for Working with Blue Healing Stones

Choosing Your Stone

When selecting a blue stone for spiritual or healing work, consider both its metaphysical properties as well as what intuitively calls to you. Popular blue crystals like lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, sodalite, azurite, and blue quartz have unique vibrational qualities, but you may find you’re most powerfully drawn to a lesser-known stone.

Run possibilities by the experts at sites like EnergyMuse to learn more about the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of different blue healing crystals. Pay attention to any you feel mysteriously pulled toward – that’s often a sign it has lessons for you!

Cleansing and Charging

Before using your blue stone, make sure to clear any residual vibrations. There are many ways to cleanse crystals: place overnight in sea salt, set outside under the full moon, bury in soil, rinse under cool running water, burn healing sage or palo santo around it, or sound cleanse with crystal bowls or chimes.

Next you’ll want to charge it with positive energy. Good ways to do so include leaving in sunlight for several hours, placing on top of rose quartz or amethyst geodes overnight, or holding during meditation (this charges both you and the stone!).

Programming Intentions

Once cleansed and charged, your blue stone is ready to be programmed. Set the intention of what you want it to help manifest – improved self-expression, peaceful calm, enhanced intuition and wisdom, etc. As you focus on this goal, visualize the stone luminating with light.

You may also want to sleep with it under your pillow for added absorption. Repeating this process regularly strengthens the crystal’s alignment with your purpose over time.

Placing in Sacred Spaces

Now find the perfect spot to display your programmed blue stone! This may be at home on an altar, office desk, windowsill, bedside table, or sacred tools cabinet. You can also carry in a pocket or pouch when on-the-go.

Wherever you place it, position so the stone can amplify and radiate its metaphysical properties. Surrounding with other crystals boosts the energy. Selenite chargers, clear quartz clusters, and amethyst geodes make great combinations. Enjoy its beautiful glow as part of your space!

Wearing Blue Gemstone Jewelry

For an even more intimate way to harness their vibration, consider wearing blue stones close to your skin. There’s a reason precious gems like blue sapphires, tanzanites, aquamarines and topazes have been treasured in jewelry for centuries – they lend powerful energy in a personal piece you don’t ever have to take off!

If looking for something more affordable or uniquely meaningful, a pendant with raw, tumbled or carved blue stone can be just as spiritually potent. Use wire wrapping or hemp cording to create your own designs. However you wear it, enjoy the constant flow of its healing properties into your biofield!


With their soothing hue reminiscent of sea and sky, blue gemstones attune us to higher frequencies and expanded spiritual awareness. Whether you work with lapis for visionary insight or larimar to access divine wisdom, blue stones elucidate the mysteries of the soul and inner self.

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