Labradorite is a mystical stone enveloped in legend and lore. Especially alluring is the dark, smoky hue of black labradorite, which carries unique healing qualities and powerful spiritual attributes.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to what black labradorite spiritually means: Black labradorite is linked to the root chakra, grounding energies, psychic abilities, protection against negativity and hidden powers to reveal the subconscious self.

In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the profound spiritual wisdom locked within black labradorite. You’ll discover its healing properties, uses in meditation and self-discovery, associated chakra and moon sign, emotional and psychic effects and much more.

Where Black Labradorite Comes From

The Labrador Peninsula

Black labradorite originates from the Labrador Peninsula located in eastern Canada. This rocky and rugged peninsula stretches into the frigid Atlantic Ocean offering the perfect conditions for labradorite formation.

Compressed between ancient granite bedrock and shifting tectonic plates, minerals crystallized within the solidified magma over 50 million years ago during intense heat and pressure. These exceptional circumstances produced the captivating iridescent feldspar mineral that modern crystal healers now call black labradorite.

The remote and windswept shores along the Labrador coast provided minimal access for early settlers. But ancient Inuit tribes sometimes gathered the mystical stones washed up along the beaches near Labrador City or Makkovik.

Local legends spoke of the protective energies and magic divining abilities offered to those who possessed the dark, glittering rocks. But most remained undisturbed for ages, buried far beneath the icy tundra.

Technical Properties and Composition

Modern analysis identifies labradorite as a type of feldspar mineral in the plagioclase series, scientifically termed (Ca, Na)(Al, Si)4O8. Composed of silicon, aluminum, oxygen, sodium, and calcium, labradorite rates between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

But the true wonder emerges from scattered impurities and structural anomalies which interfere with the passage of light through these anomalous gems.

When rigid crystal lattice organization gets disrupted by the substitution of various atoms, the internal path of light fractures into the signature spectral flashes so prized by labradorite lovers today.

The most desired black labradorite displays a dominant midnight color with vibrant blue and green secondary flashes. This rare variety exhibits a dark background Framesite material intermixed with bright labradorescent schiller during cutting and polishing.

Labradorite Fact Description
Other colors Gray, brown, yellow, white
Mohs hardness 6 to 6.5
Chemical composition (Ca, Na)(Al, Si)4O8
Key feature Iridescent labradorescence

Healing Properties of Black Labradorite

Root Chakra Healing

Black labradorite is an extremely grounding and protecting stone, making it the perfect crystal for healing and balancing the root chakra. As the root chakra located at the base of the spine regulates feelings of safety and survival, black labradorite creates a cocoon of soft yet impenetrable energy around the body, bringing security and stability.1

With its ability to connect us more deeply to the earth, black labradorite energizes the lower half of the body and clears any stagnant or stuck energies in the root area. Its dark and mysterious color acts like a magnet, drawing out old trauma, fears or limiting beliefs that may be blocking this chakra’s healthy flow of energy.


Black labradorite is often referred to as the “Stone of Transformation” due to its incredibly grounding and protective properties. It creates an impenetrable shield around the aura, keeping out lower vibrations while protecting psychic abilities.

Its dark and opaque appearance signifies the ability to block intrusive energies from entering the aura field. It’s like a bodyguard, absorbing any unwanted energy so the wearer doesn’t have to. This makes it an essential stone for energy workers, healers, psychics and those in helping professions who deal with stressed individuals on a regular basis.


While most crystals carry a relatively light energy, black labradorite is intensely grounding. Its vibration connects strongly with the lower chakras, creating a heavy, anchored feeling in the body. By reinforcing one’s sense of safety and security, it allows for peace of mind and presence.

Black labradorite also promotes taking responsibility for one’s life, aiding difficult decision making or transitions. Rather than escapism, it brings accountability, encouraging right action despite any fears or anxieties clouding judgement.

This crystal dissolution illusion, bringing clarity to see the deeper truth.

Benefits How It Helps
Emotional balance Strengthens root chakra, relieves anxiety
Protection Blocks negative energy from entering aura
Grounding Connects strongly with lower chakras

So if you’re seeking security, resilience, and empowerment – look no further than the mysterious healing powers of black labradorite!

The Legend and Lore of Black Labradorite in History

Black labradorite, also known as black spectralite, has a rich history interwoven with myth and legend. This striking gemstone is said to have made its first appearance in the cold terrain of Labrador, Canada many centuries ago.

The indigenous Inuit tribes revered the stone for its connection to the spirit realm, believing black labradorite could facilitate divination and prophecy.

According to Inuit tales passed down through generations, black labradorite tumbled down to earth from the dark night sky as a gift from the creator. Its glittering appearance resembled that of the Aurora Borealis, infusing the stone with a sense of magic and mysticism.

Tribal shamans used black labradorite in sacred rituals, gazing into its inky depths to receive visions and connect with ancestral spirits.

As word of the curious black stone spread beyond Labrador to European settlers and explorers, fanciful stories around its origins began to take shape. Some claimed it formed from moonlight frozen deep underground before being brought to the surface.

Others believed the mineral grew where lightning struck or fell in the footprints of spirits walking the earth. The stone’s shimmering display of blues, greens and purple sheens seemed to spark the imagination.

During the Victorian era, black labradorite found its way into jewelry and yarns of romance and fortune. According to, Victorian ladies viewed the gem as having talismanic properties. Its changing colors were thought to reveal the true nature of a lover’s affections.

An array of fire signaled a passion that would never fade. By the early 1900s, labradorite became associated with new beginnings and self-discovery.

Today, legends portraying black labradorite as a conduit to unseen realms continue to shape perceptions of this enchanting stone. It is cherished by mystical circles for its presumed ability to facilitate contact with shadow realms and spirits through altered states of consciousness.

The stone’s linkage to Northern mysticism and widow’s veils of color remain sources of fascination and inspiration for crystal healers and spiritualists alike.

Spiritual Meaning and Hidden Powers

Psychic Abilities & Magic

Black labradorite is believed to enhance psychic abilities and magic. This mystical stone opens the third eye chakra, increasing intuition and insight. Holding labradorite can induce visions, premonitions and telepathic experiences with spirit guides.

It illuminates the subconscious mind, bringing hidden thoughts and feelings to light.

According to ancient lore, labradorite has long been used by magicians, shamans and witch doctors to commune with otherworldly realms. Its shimmering play of colors is said to veil a portal to other dimensions.

Gazing into its depths unlocks psychic talents like clairvoyance, telepathy and astral projection.

Subconscious Wisdom and Shadow Work

The black variety of labradorite facilitates deep inner work to unearth subconscious wisdom. Its darker shades represent the shadow self – the part of us we tend to reject or suppress. Working with black labradorite illuminates our flaws, weaknesses and unhealed pain so they can be better understood and integrated.

This stimulation of self-reflection reveals valuable messages from our intuition that have been buried under layers of ego and fear. Labradorite weakens the veil between the conscious and unconscious, dredging up truths about situations that may have previously felt confusing.

It leads to significant personal breakthroughs.

Past Life Recall and Prophecy

Some believe black labradorite aids past life regression and access to ancestral memories. During meditation, this stone may open portals to past incarnations, uncovering soul lessons and talents developed over many lifetimes.

It can help retrieve wisdom from previous eras that is relevant to situations today.

Legends also suggest labradorite heightens one’s ability to prophetically foresee future events. Its connection to other realms provides glimpses of destiny yet to unfold through synchronicities, omens, dreams and visions.

Working with this stone regularly tunes the mind to interpret symbolic messages about what is to come.

Using Black Labradorite for Meditation

Black labradorite is a powerful stone for meditation and inner work. Its dark, mystical appearance lends itself beautifully to going inward and exploring the shadows of the subconscious mind. Meditating with labradorite allows us to tap into our deepest wisdom and bring buried issues to light for transformation and healing.

Promotes a Meditative State

The striking schiller effect found in labradorite has an inherently mesmerizing quality. As patterns of iridescent blues and greens dance across its surface, labradorite helps calm and focus the mind naturally. It invites a state of relaxed concentration ideal for effective meditation.

Labradorite resonates with the third eye and crown chakras, attuning us to our intuition and connection with the Divine. Placing a piece on the forehead or crown of the head during meditation enhances this otherworldly alignment.

Labradorite opens the doorway to inner visioning, telepathy, lucid dreaming, and communication with spirit guides.

Strengthens Self-Awareness

The “spectrolite” variety of labradorite, which exhibits a fiery play of colors, is considered the most powerful for spiritual purposes. Spectrolite formations develop when labradorite undergoes intense heat and pressure in the earth.

Working with it lends the same transformative and revelatory energy to our meditation practice.

As we journey within through contemplation of the spectral labradorite, we gain profound clarity and self-knowledge. Long-held illusions about who we are dissolve. We shed limiting beliefs and self-destructive habits as we tap into our core essence and reclaim our authentic power.

Manifestation and Magic

In the mystical lore of many ancient cultures, labradorite signifies the union of solar and lunar energy. It carries the life-giving creative force that allows intention to manifest on the physical plane. Known as the “temple of the stars,” it introduces galactic magic into our awareness.

During meditation with labradorite, we can set powerful seeds in the fertile ground of the unconscious mind. Labradorite strengthens concentration and faith for manifestation of our heart’s desires in alignment with our soul purpose.

Placing labradorite formations in the four corners of a meditation space marked by candles helps anchor the high-vibration energy emitted by this marvelous stone. It activates the full occult power of magic and ritual to profoundly transform our relationship with ourselves and our world.

Crystal Companion on the Spiritual Journey

Black labradorite’s connection to mystical realms and inner sight renders it the perfect ally for those on an intense spiritual path of initiation. It provides psychic protection and discernment for navigating unseen worlds and dimensional gateways accessed through altered states.

This enigmatic elder stone teaches us to honor the darkness and unexpected revelations that accompany the great work of spiritual mastery. With labradorite as our steadfast initiation guide, our journey inward illuminates the infinite possibilities awaiting us when we have the courage to know ourselves completely.

Pairing Black Labradorite With Other Crystals

Black labradorite is a captivating stone that vibrates with grounding and protective energies. When paired with other healing crystals and stones, its powers can be enhanced to bring forth specific benefits.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a protective stone known to create an impenetrable shield against negative energy and ill-wishing. By combining it with black labradorite, you effectively seal in the labradorite’s defensive vibrations for amplified protection.

Try placing black tourmaline with labradorite in your home or office to secure the energy of those spaces. You can also carry both stones together as a talisman against psychic attack.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz cleanses negative energies and promotes feelings of calm. It interacts nicely with black labradorite to relieve stress, neutralize moodiness, and encourage positive mindsets.

If you work in a busy, chaotic environment, keep some smoky quartz and labradorite on your desk. The pairing will maintain peaceful vibrations despite external pressures.


Black obsidian mirrors hidden truths and reveals that which is normally unseen. Combined with black labradorite’s revealing qualities, the two can unlock deep insights into spiritual truths.

Use black labradorite with obsidian during meditation to probe your psyche and elevate consciousness. This combination promotes profound discoveries about oneself and the nature of reality.


Hematite lends vitality and emotional stability, making it the perfect companion for black labradorite’s grounding powers. Together, the two dispel feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and spaciness.

For highly sensitive souls, hematite with black labradorite centers and soothes an overactive mind while conferring courage in trying times. The pairing brings clarity along with emotional and energetic strengthening.

As you can see, black labradorite teams up well with grounding, protective stones that magnify its inherent spiritual gifts. Trust your intuition when combining it in crystal healing rituals or grids. The possibilities are endless when you lean into black labradorite’s hidden powers!


The smoky darkness of black labradorite contains incredible healing potential. It carries the resonant wisdom of past lives and the inner self. Through meditation with this magical stone, profound self-discovery awaits.

If you feel drawn to the cavernous beauty of black labradorite, don’t resist its call. Embrace its grounding vitality and hidden gifts of psychic awakening. Allow its protective energies to fortify both body and soul.

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