Dreams can be mysterious, but if you’ve had a dream where you or someone else was crying, you may be wondering what deeper meaning or spiritual significance it could have. The Bible contains a number of references to dreams and visions, and while not every dream has a symbolic spiritual meaning, crying in dreams is often seen as divinely inspired.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: dreams involving crying often carry a spiritual meaning related to releasing burdens, grief, or unexpressed emotions. Biblically, tears in dreams can represent cleansing, healing, and opening your heart to God.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore several key bible verses about dreams and crying, examine spiritual interpretations, and provide an in-depth look at the biblical meaning behind crying in dreams.

Biblical Examples of Crying in Dreams

Joseph’s Dream in Genesis 37:5-11

In the book of Genesis, Joseph had a dream where he saw himself and his brothers binding sheaves in the field. In the dream, Joseph’s sheaf stood upright while his brothers’ sheaves bowed down to it. This dream caused Joseph’s brothers to become jealous and resentful towards him. It is believed that Joseph’s crying in this dream symbolized the emotional turmoil that would later come as a result of his brothers’ betrayal.

Pharaoh’s Dreams in Genesis 41:1-7

In the story of Joseph, Pharaoh had two dreams that troubled him greatly. In the dreams, he saw seven healthy cows being devoured by seven thin and sickly cows, and seven plump ears of corn being consumed by seven withered ears. These dreams left Pharaoh feeling disturbed and seeking answers. The crying in these dreams could be seen as a representation of Pharaoh’s fear and anxiety about the meaning behind these troubling visions.

Jacob’s Dream in Genesis 28:10-22

Jacob had a dream where he saw a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, with angels ascending and descending on it. In this dream, Jacob also heard God’s promise to him and his descendants. While the Bible does not explicitly mention Jacob crying in this dream, it is possible that tears of joy and gratitude may have accompanied this powerful encounter with God.

Interpreting Crying in Dreams

While these biblical examples provide insight into the meaning of crying in dreams, it is important to note that dream interpretation is subjective and can vary depending on personal experiences and cultural beliefs. In general, crying in dreams can symbolize a range of emotions such as sadness, fear, or even relief. It is crucial to consider the context of the dream and the individual’s own feelings and experiences to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning.

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Symbolic Meanings of Crying in Dreams

Release of emotions

One of the most common interpretations of crying in dreams is that it represents the release of pent-up emotions. Dreams provide a safe space for the unconscious mind to express and process emotions that may be difficult to confront in waking life. Crying in a dream can be seen as a healthy outlet for these emotions, allowing you to release stress and emotional baggage. It can be a sign that you are ready to let go of negative feelings and move forward in your life.

Sorrow and grief

Crying in a dream can also symbolize sorrow and grief. It may indicate that you are carrying deep emotional pain or experiencing a loss in your waking life. The intensity of the crying and the context of the dream can provide further insight into the specific emotions you are dealing with. It is important to acknowledge and process these feelings in a healthy way, whether through talking to a loved one or seeking professional support.

Regret and repentance

In some cases, crying in a dream may reflect feelings of regret or repentance. It could be a sign that you are grappling with guilt over past actions or decisions. This interpretation suggests that your subconscious is urging you to confront these feelings and make amends if necessary. Reflecting on your actions and taking responsibility for them can help bring closure and allow you to move forward with a clear conscience.

Openness and surrender

Crying in a dream can also symbolize a willingness to be vulnerable and open. It may indicate a desire to let go of control and surrender to the flow of life. This interpretation suggests that you are willing to embrace your emotions and be more authentic with yourself and others. It can be a powerful reminder to embrace vulnerability as a strength and to trust in the process of life.

While these interpretations can provide insights into the symbolic meanings of crying in dreams, it is important to remember that dreams are highly personal and subjective. The best way to understand the meaning of your dreams is to reflect on your own emotions, experiences, and circumstances. If you find that your dreams are causing distress or interfering with your daily life, consider consulting a professional dream analyst or therapist for further guidance.

Spiritual Interpretations of Crying in Dreams

Crying in dreams has long been a topic of interest and intrigue for scholars and individuals seeking to understand the deeper meanings behind their dreams. From a biblical perspective, crying in dreams can hold significant spiritual interpretations that go beyond mere emotional expressions. Let’s explore some of these interpretations:

Divine visions and messages

One possible interpretation of crying in dreams is that it could be a divine vision or message from God. Throughout the Bible, dreams have been used as a means of communication between God and His people. In these dreams, crying can symbolize a call to prayer, repentance, or a warning of impending danger. It is essential to pay attention to the emotions and context surrounding the dream to discern the message accurately.

Healing and deliverance

Another spiritual interpretation of crying in dreams is related to healing and deliverance. Tears can be seen as a release of pent-up emotions and a symbol of cleansing. In the Bible, crying is often associated with mourning, grief, and repentance. Dreams involving crying may indicate a need for emotional healing or a desire for spiritual deliverance from past hurts or burdens. It can be a sign that God is ready to bring restoration and wholeness to a person’s life.

Conviction of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit’s conviction is a powerful force in the lives of believers. Dreams that involve crying may be a manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s work to bring conviction and transformation. The tears shed in these dreams can represent a deep sense of remorse for sin or a recognition of the need to make amends. They can serve as a wake-up call to align one’s life with God’s will and be a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual renewal.

Call to ministry or spiritual gifting

In some instances, crying in dreams can be a spiritual sign of a call to ministry or the discovery of a spiritual gifting. Just as we read in the Bible about prophets and spiritual leaders who were moved to tears by the burdens and responsibilities laid upon them, dreams that involve crying can be an indication of a similar calling. It may signify a deep sensitivity to the needs of others, a passion for intercession, or a gift of empathy that God wants to use for His purposes.

While these spiritual interpretations can provide insight into the possible meanings behind crying in dreams, it is important to remember that dreams are highly personal and subjective experiences. Seeking guidance from spiritual mentors, studying the Bible, and spending time in prayer can help individuals discern the specific message that God may be conveying through their dreams.

How to Interpret Dream Crying Biblically

Examine the context

When interpreting the meaning of crying in a dream from a biblical perspective, it is important to first examine the context of the dream. Dreams are often symbolic and can be influenced by various factors such as emotions, experiences, and personal beliefs. Consider the details of the dream, including the setting, characters, and any other significant elements that may provide clues to its interpretation.

Look for confirming signs

While dreams can be subjective and open to interpretation, it is helpful to look for confirming signs within the dream that may align with biblical symbolism. For example, if the dream includes biblical figures or references, it may indicate a spiritual message or guidance. Additionally, recurring dreams or patterns of symbols may offer further insight into the meaning of crying in the dream.

Seek godly counsel and prayer

Interpreting dreams is not an exact science, and seeking wise and godly counsel can provide valuable perspectives. Share your dream with trusted individuals who have a strong understanding of biblical principles and symbolism. They can offer guidance and prayer support, helping you to discern the possible meaning behind the crying in your dream.

Align interpretations with Scripture

As with any interpretation of dreams, it is important to align your understanding with Scripture. The Bible provides wisdom and guidance on various subjects, including dreams and their meanings. Compare your interpretation with biblical teachings to ensure that it aligns with God’s Word. This will help you discern if the crying in your dream has a deeper spiritual significance or if it is simply a reflection of your emotions or subconscious thoughts.

Remember, dreams can be highly personal, and their meanings may vary for each individual. Ultimately, it is important to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and rely on God’s wisdom as you interpret the crying in your dream.


In summary, dreaming about crying can have significant biblical and spiritual meanings. While dream interpretation requires wisdom and discernment, key themes emerge about crying as a form of emotional release, grief, repentance, and openness to God’s work in our lives.

If you have had a vivid dream featuring tears, it’s worth spending time in prayer and reflection to uncover any personal messages God may want to reveal to you. Dreams are an opportunity to draw closer to Him.

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