Baby’s breath, with its delicate white blossoms, has captivated people for ages. If you’ve wondered what secrets these tiny flowers hold, you’ve come to the right place.

In short: Baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love, purity of heart, and innocence. It’s used in weddings and other ceremonies to represent devotion and commitment.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover the rich history and spiritual wisdom behind this beloved bloom.

The Origin and Meanings Behind the Baby’s Breath Flower

The History of Baby’s Breath in Weddings and Ceremonies

With its delicate, lace-like blooms, the baby’s breath flower has long been a staple in weddings and other ceremonies. But where did this tradition originate? According to sources like FTD, baby’s breath first became popular in bouquet arrangements in Victoria England.

Victorian florists used the innocence and purity of the tiny white blossoms to complement focal flowers like roses. Over time, the eye-catching flower became a staple for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and decor.

These days, baby’s breath remains a hugely popular wedding flower. According to The Knot’s 2022 study, it ranked as the 7th most popular wedding bloom. Whether used in bouquets, boutonnieres, or ceremonial arches and aisles, baby’s breath continues its long-standing tradition representing everlasting love and new beginnings.

Baby’s Breath Flower Color Meanings

While white baby’s breath is undoubtedly the most popular, did you know this delicate flower grows in other hues like pink, yellow, and green? The color carries special symbolism:

  • White baby’s breath meaning: innocence, purity, spirituality
  • Pink baby’s breath meaning: sweetness, joy, admiration
  • Yellow baby’s breath meaning: warmth, friendship
  • Green baby’s breath meaning: renewal, good health

Florists will often mix white with pink or yellow blooms in wedding work to create stunning multi-colored floral arrangements bursting with layered meaning.

Baby’s Breath in Christianity and the Bible

With its connections to purity and spiritual themes, it’s no surprise baby’s breath holds meaning in Christianity. The flower is sometimes called “God’s breath.” This refers to the Biblical story from Genesis where God breathed life into man.

Its alternate names like “breath of the spirit” and “Holy Spirit” further illustrate these connections.

The flower is also tied to Mary. In the Bible, the Angel Gabriel surprises Mary with news she will give birth to Jesus Christ. Baby’s breath blooms around the Feast of the Annunciation celebrating this Bible story.

Artists sometimes depict these delicate white flowers around Mary in religious-themed paintings and artwork to symbolize her purity.

Many churches will decorate with baby’s breath flowers around important Christian holidays. Their spiritual connotations and bright white color make them perfect for displaying and gifting within Christian communities.

Baby’s Breath Symbolism in Depth

Purity and Innocence

In floral language, baby’s breath is commonly associated with purity and innocence. The tiny white blossoms evoke a sense of youthfulness and naivete. According to, baby’s breath represents the “sweet innocence of youth” and conveys a message of trusting sincerity.

The Victorians often included it in bouquets for young girls to symbolize their virtue.

Everlasting and Eternal Love

With its delicate appearance yet hardy and resilient nature, baby’s breath also embodies everlasting and eternal love. The flowers can last up to three weeks after being cut. So bouquets with baby’s breath often given at weddings signify the couple’s enduring devotion, according to

In Greek mythology, baby’s breath flowers sprang from the blood dripping from Aphrodite’s lover Adonis when he was attacked by a boar. As Aphrodite mourned Adonis’ death, her tears turned into windflower (baby’s breath).

So baby’s breath represents Adonis’ undying love for the goddess even after death.

Clairvoyance and Ascension

Some believe that baby’s breath has mystical properties that open up psychic abilities and higher states of consciousness. With its airy and light appearance, it seems to float upward and transcend the mundane.

As shared on, for those on a spiritual path, baby’s breath conveys the message to “connect with your angels and spirit guides.” It represents the soul’s journey to “ascend into the light.”

Feminine Divinity and the Divine Feminine

The graceful and delicate nature of baby’s breath evokes feminine energy and goddess associations. Baby’s breath is considered the sacred flower of many goddesses of love and fertility like Aphrodite, Venus, and the Mother Mary.

According to, it represents the “reemergence of the divine feminine” and honors the “innate spirituality within all women. “ For those embracing goddess spirituality, baby’s breath symbolizes the awakening of the goddess within.

Using Baby’s Breath Spiritually: Rituals, Gifting and More

Baby’s Breath in Wedding Bouquets and Ceremonies

Baby’s breath holds deep symbolic meaning in weddings and ceremonies due to its delicate nature, purity, and femininity. Over 73% of brides choose to incorporate this graceful flower into their bouquets, unity candles, aisle decor, and more according to The Wedding Report.

Beyond aesthetics, baby’s breath represents everlasting love, new beginnings, and wishes for a joyful future together as the couple embarks on their marriage journey.

Gifting Baby’s Breath to Convey Messages

Gifting a bouquet or vase of baby’s breath makes for an excellent way to convey heartfelt messages to friends, family, and loved ones. For example, give white baby’s breath to offer “congratulations” on an achievement or meaningful milestone.

Mix white and pink baby’s breath in a bouquet tied with a bow to say “thank you and thinking of you. “ Gift a potted baby’s breath plant after a loss or difficult time to express sympathy and your wish that “peace and comfort find you during this period.

Baby’s breath speaks a language all its own based on thoughtful color combinations and presentation.

Baby’s Breath Altars and Rituals

Creating baby’s breath altars provides a centering ritual to promote manifestation, healing, self-care, and prayer. Follow these steps:

  • Select a space – windowsills and dresser tops make convenient altars
  • Lay down altar cloth if desired – white or light colors enhance the ethereal look
  • Arrange baby’s breath in a way that feels symbolic, mindful, or visually pleasing to you
  • Add crystals, candles, or any personal tokens that hold meaning
  • Sit, breathe deeply, and reflect on intentions related to growth, transition, balance, etc.

Updating altar items based on changing seasons, moon cycles, or when one feels the need for renewal makes for a lovely spiritual practice.


With its timeless purity and promise of eternal devotion, baby’s breath remains a cherished symbol across cultures. Whether given as a gift or incorporated into important rituals, these tiny buds open our hearts to deeper wisdom and connect us to the divine.

We hope this guide has provided insight into the profound meaning and symbolism within this delicate flower. May its innocence and beauty continue inspiring us for generations to come.

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