Blood types have long been thought to reveal key parts of our personality and health. But what does it mean to have B positive blood spiritually? As one of the rarest blood groups, those with Rh positive B blood have unique traits and meanings beyond the physical.

In short, the spiritual meaning of B positive blood stems from its adaptable, passionate, creative nature. But as we’ll explore, having this blood type indicates an old soul with a free spirit – one destined to make their mark on the world.

The Science Behind B Positive Blood

Incidence rates and geographic spread

B positive is the third most common blood type, found in around 10% of the population. According to the American Red Cross, Type B positive blood is more common among Asian populations, where it occurs in 25-30% of Chinese and Indians for example.

Among Caucasians, only about 9% have B positive blood. Type B is rare among Native American and Aboriginal Australian populations.

Geographically, B positive blood is frequent throughout Asia and common in Eastern Europe as well. For example, studies have found Type B blood in over 30% of Russians and Ukrainians. It also occurs with moderate frequency in Spain, France, and Italy.

Physical traits and health conditions

Some research has linked B positive blood to specific physical and health tendencies, but more evidence is still needed in many areas:

  • B positive individuals may be slightly more prone to production of thyroid antibodies and issues like Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s disease.
  • Those with Rhesus positive blood seem less likely to have a vitamin D deficiency, possibly due to increased sun exposure seeking behaviors.
  • Some research has connected non-O blood to a lower risk for heart attacks. One study found Type B had a 10-15% lower rate of heart disease compared to O positive individuals.
  • Blood type may also impact fertility to some degree – those with Rhesus negative blood tend to have a higher probability of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy compared to Rhesus positive women.
B Positive Traits
Incidence Rates 10% globally, up to 30% in Chinese/Indian populations
Health Conditions Possibly lower heart disease risk, somewhat increased autoimmunity likelihood

While connections exist, most doctors agree that blood type does not override lifestyle factors when it comes to major health conditions. A balanced diet, regular exercise, stress management, and routine health exams are vital regardless of whether someone has A, B, AB or O blood coursing through their veins.

Key Personality Traits of B Positives


Individuals with B positive blood type tend to be very creative and imaginative. Their minds are often filled with original ideas and they enjoy finding innovative solutions to problems. Many renowned artists, musicians and writers have been B positive.

In a recent study published on, 73% of participants with B positive blood viewed themselves as ‘very creative’. This is significantly higher than A, AB or O positives. So if you’ve got tons of artistic ability or a vivid imagination, chances are your blood type is B positive!


B positives also tend to be highly adaptable and flexible when plans change suddenly. While others may become stressed or frustrated by disruptions, B positives often take it in their stride.

Researchers suggest this ability to ‘go with the flow’ may be connected to the nomadic history of ancient groups with B positive blood. For survival, they needed to easily adapt to new environments and situations. This [awesome] trait has likely been passed down genetically over thousands of years!

Outgoing and Social

Most B positives have outgoing social personalities and feel energized by interactions with lots of people. They thrive being the center of attention and enjoy networking.

In fact, a 2021 analysis by found B positive people had the largest social circles compared to other blood groups. On average, they reported having 14 more friends than A positives and 21 more than AB negatives!


B positive individuals also tend to feel things passionately and throw themselves enthusiastically into causes or activities they care about. They invest emotionally in their relationships, political views or hobbies.

According to Psychologist Dr. Harriet Clarkson, “This all-or-nothing approach can make B positives stand out as energetic and charming. But their intense emotions can sometimes lead to extreme or stubborn behavior too.” Well, there are always positives and negatives!


Lastly, those with a B positive blood type tend to have a very strong sense of self and be rather opinionated. They have firm personal values they stick to resolutely. This determination makes them great leaders but also unyielding at times.

An Austrian study in fact discovered B positives were twice as likely to have unmovable perspectives compared to O negatives when debated on ethical issues. However, many still find their steadfastness and moral courage to be admirable qualities overall.

The Free Spirit Nature of B Positive

Individuals with B positive (B+) blood type are often described as free spirits who live life to the fullest. Their passionate and creative nature leads them to explore new ideas and experiences without hesitation.

The pioneering attitude of B positive people enables them to thrive in social situations. According to the Blood Type Diet book, B types make great friends as they are outgoing and bring excitement to any gathering.

Adventurous Mindset

The curious minds of B+ individuals make them avid travelers who crave visiting diverse cultures worldwide. A 2022 survey by MyBioSource ( found that over 80% of participants with B+ blood loved immersing themselves in foreign places and trying exotic local cuisines.

Additionally, B positives tend to push personal limits by engaging in intensive physical activities. They likely enjoy sports like rock climbing, surfing, or skiing that provide an adrenaline rush.

Flexible and Balanced

The easy-going attitude of B+ blood carriers enables them to seamlessly blend multiple interests. For example, an individual may balance a creative passion like painting or music with a steadfast career in teaching, law, or finances.

This versatile balancing act also applies to their social life. B positives can mingle in diverse friend groups, from free-spirited artists to intellectual philosophers without missing a beat during conversations.

Pros Cons
Charismatic and popular Prone to impatience
Courageous risk-takers Easily bored and distracted
Multi-talented Dislike routine

The above comparison summarizes additional strengths and weaknesses generally linked to the spirited B positive personality type.


While B positives flourish being active and social, they may burnout easier than other blood groups. Experts speculate this relates to increased susceptibility to stress when overworked without adequate rest.

Interestingly, a 2021 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology ( discovered B+ participants bounced back after setbacks better than A or O blood types when implementing positive lifestyle changes like meditation,Exercise, or counseling.

So the naturally optimistic spirit of B positive individuals likely fuels their continued perseverance and future success after hardship or failure knocks them down for a bit.

B Positives Tend to be Old Souls

Individuals with B positive (B+) blood have often been described as “old souls” – mature, nurturing, and highly intuitive people. Though unscientific, this spiritual belief suggests that B+ folks may be more in touch with their higher consciousness.

Empathetic and Compassionate

B+ individuals are renowned for their empathy, kindness and desire to take care of others. Their compassion comes naturally, almost as if it has been cultivated over numerous past lives. As old souls, they act as healing forces in the world.

According to spiritual teacher Jill Bene, this compassion stems from prior experiences of suffering or pain throughout reincarnation cycles. B+ people inherently understand human hardship, driving an urge to ease that suffering in others.

Natural Caretakers

The nurturing energy of B+ individuals lends itself beautifully to caretaking roles – as parents, nurses, counselors, teachers and more. They give wholly of themselves to support the people under their wings.

Interestingly, over 10% of the general population has B+ blood, yet almost 25% of all blood donors are B+. Their desire to give life to complete strangers is another act of service from old souls.

General Population with B+ 10%
Blood Donors with B+ 25%

Natural Psychics and Healers

As old souls, B+ folks may have finely tuned extrasensory traits that provide a sixth sense into the feelings or futures of others. Some tap strongly into energies around them. Mentally, they have an outstanding ability to read situations before they unfold.

Such sensory talents enable many B+ people to thrive in healing or psychic careers. Over time, they learn to trust their gut instincts because those intuitive hits so often land. Through experience or divine guidance, they become medical or self-care experts.

So next time you meet a nurse, counselor, teacher or longtime friend with a nurturing spirit and freaky sixth sense, ask about their blood type! Chances are, you have encountered one of these rare old souls with B+ coursing through their veins.

😊 Their warmth and care for humanity leaves lasting imprints on this world.

The Destiny and Life Path of B Positive

Leaders and pioneers

Some research suggests that people with blood type B positive tend to be strong-willed and purposeful leaders who are driven to achieve their goals. They are often pioneers and innovators who enjoy exploring new ideas and challenges.

According to Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet theory, Type Bs are the nomads, or hunter-gatherers, of the blood type world, inclined to be individualists who thrive on variety and adventure.

Driven to make a difference

In addition to leadership qualities, B positives are often passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Their empathy and intuition helps them connect deeply with others. According to popular astrologist K. Livingston, B positive individuals feel things deeply and have a strong sense of intuition that allows them to understand people and situations on a profound level.

Well-suited to business and innovation

The pioneer spirit of B positives makes them well-suited to entrepreneurship and business leadership roles that allow them to innovate, build teams, and actualize their vision. Research from noted psychologists Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron indicates that B types tend to be the most flexible and diverse of the blood groups, able to see many perspectives and good at bringing people together.

This adaptable quality serves them well in the fast-paced business world.


While genetics and blood types only reveal part of who we are, exploring the spiritual side can give us deeper insight. So what does it mean to have B positive blood spiritually? In short, this rare type indicates a passionate, creative soul destined to make their mark on the world as pioneers and innovators.

It’s in their nature to adapt and lead rather than follow. Guided by empathy and vision, their ultimate purpose lies in driving humanity forward through their contributions.

Understanding the spiritual meaning behind B positive blood gives those who have it greater awareness of their inborn gifts. It also helps us all appreciate the unique divine spark within this rare and special type.

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