The phrase ‘and so it is’ has become popular in spiritual circles recently. But where does it come from and what does it really mean? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the origins and significance behind this pithy yet powerful saying.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: ‘And so it is’ is a phrase used to acknowledge the way things are while surrendering oneself to the universal flow of life. It indicates an acceptance of reality just as it has unfolded, rather than resisting or judging it.

The Origins and History of ‘And So It Is’

Use in Religion and Scripture

The phrase “and so it is” has ancient roots in religion and scripture. In the King James Bible, it appears over 40 times, often to confirm the truth of a previous statement (Exodus 40:16 – “Thus did Moses: according to all that the Lord commanded him, so did he”).

Its solemn wording imbues a sense of divine authority.

This biblical usage established “and so it is” as a weighty pronouncement of spiritual truth. Religious leaders and preachers adopted the phrase to add gravity to their teachings. Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth ended his sermons with “Amen, and so it is.” The phrase linked his words to higher wisdom.

Adoption by New Age Teachers and Leaders

In the 20th century, as New Age philosophies rose in popularity, “and so it is” found new resonance. In Louise Hay’s memoir, titled “And So It Is,” she shares how she overcame trauma using positive thinking – aligning with her teaching’s emphasis on manifesting one’s higher purpose through affirmations.

Other New Age authors capitalized on the phrase’s spiritual tone in their writings and teachings. For example, a passage in Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love” reads: “…we are all one, we are love itself. And so it is. Amen.” Here, the phrase links human unity and love to the divine.

Year New Age Usage Examples
1946 Claude Bristol publishes “The Magic of Believing,” one of the first self-help books focused on manifesting one’s desires through thought.
1976 Esther Hicks begins channeling a group of spirits dubbed “Abraham” who teach about human potential.
1984 Louise Hay launches Hay House publishing after using positive thinking to overcome illness.
1992 Marianne Williamson publishes “A Return to Love,” popularizing the phrase “Our Deepest Fear.”

This table shows a few examples of New Age teachers, authors, and figures adopting metaphysical beliefs into mainstream thought. The growth of this movement likely increased the use of “and so it is” as a way to sanctify one’s ideas.

So when we hear “and so it is” today from spiritual leaders, life coaches, or in mantras, they are tapping into a long history of associating the phrase with profound meaning. It elevates teachings into self-evident wisdom from a higher source beyond rational understanding.

The allure remains strong in our continued search for life’s essential truths.

What ‘And So It Is’ Means

Accepting What Is

The phrase “and so it is” conveys acceptance of the present moment, of things as they are. When we say “and so it is,” we are acknowledging reality instead of resisting it. This acceptance is key to inner peace and alignment with the cosmic flow.

Acceptance does not mean passive resignation, but rather an active embracing of the now. As the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle writes, “Acceptance of the now is the surrender that allows whatever happens to follow its natural course.”

By saying “and so it is” with awareness, we let go of wishing for circumstances to be different. We open up to the sacredness permeating this moment. And so it is – things are exactly as they need to be in this instant.

Aligning with the Universe

“And so it is” can signify aligning our human will with divine will – integrating our small self with the wisdom of the universe. Rather than believing we know better with our limited human perspective, the phrase reminds us to yield to and trust in the bigger picture.

By affirming “and so it is,” we tap into the transcendent flow underpinning reality. We attune ourselves energetically to what is, allowing our illusory sense of control to dissolve. We open to guidance from our Higher Self, which sees how all threads weave together for the highest good of all.

Small Self Higher Self
-Resists what is
-Tries to control
-Accepts what is
-Aligns with flow

Saying “and so it is” helps move us from the restricted vision of the small egoic self, to the expansive vision of our Higher Self connected to All That Is. We realign with the harmony at the heart of reality.

Letting Go of Attachment

When something happens contrary to our desired outcome, saying “and so it is” enables graceful surrender. We release the need for things to be a certain way, letting go of attachment to specific results.

This letting go allows life to surprise us with blessings we couldn’t have imagined. As we say “and so it is,” we open up space for new possibilities, instead of limiting things with preconceived expectations. We tap into the flow of Divine creativity supporting us in unexpected ways.

This phrase also helps make sense of loss or hardships, providing solace regarding life’s uncertainties. Even painful experiences can further our soul growth when we accept them with “and so it is.” By bowing in gentle surrender to all circumstances, we discover the hidden spiritual gifts that every moment contains.

Why People Say ‘And So It Is’

To Manifest Desires

Saying “and so it is” can be used as a way to manifest hopes into reality according to the law of attraction. By putting energy and intention into the phrase, people believe it helps attract whatever scenario they envision.

For example, someone might say, “I intend to get my dream job this year, and so it is.” This affirms that their desired outcome will come to fruition.

“And so it is” signals a transition from merely wishing to actively manifesting. The saying shifts people into a mindset of certainty and determination. Rather than hoping something will happen, it declares that it will happen.

This self-assurance is thought to be essential for materializing dreams using the law of attraction.

As an Affirmation

Repeating “and so it is” can also serve as a mindfulness exercise or affirmation reminding people to be present. The phrase reconnects individuals to the here and now, rather than dwelling on past regrets or future worries. It centers awareness on the current moment.

This allows people to release perfectionism or self-criticism and accept things as they are right now, even if temporary or imperfect. Saying “and so it is” reinforces self-acceptance amidst life’s ongoing changes. It can bring reassuring stillness similar to meditation.

As an affirmation, the saying allows people to make peace with both the good and bad occurring around them. It enables them to ground themselves in the present reality. By focusing on “what is,” people relieve suffering caused by desires for things to be different.

To Find Peace

On a deeper level, the phrase “and so it is” points to a spiritual truth that can bring profound peace of mind. It refers to the nature of reality itself – the fact that all things in existence inherently “are what they are.” Trees exist as trees, clouds exist as clouds, each being what it is.

This metaphysical perspective allows people to relax into the eternal “suchness” of the present moment, without judgment or resistance. Saying “and so it is” connects human consciousness to the fundamental ok-ness permeating the universe in each instant.

It shines light on the flawless perfection of What Is that mystics and sages speak of.

Abiding in this awareness leads to great inner tranquility, equanimity, and freedom. Repeating “and so it is,” people align their perspective with the peace and unconditional acceptance embodied in reality’s web of interdependent existence. They open to life as it unfolds.

How to Use ‘And So It Is’ in Your Life

During Meditation

Using the phrase “and so it is” during meditation can help you fully accept and surrender to the present moment. As you breathe deeply, visualize what is currently true in your life and state “and so it is” to release any resistance or judgement about it.

This allows a profound sense of peace and inner stillness to arise.

When Setting Intentions

Adding “and so it is” after an intention statement, like “I intend to live in alignment with my highest purpose, and so it is,” helps energize and solidify your intention. It’s as if you are stamping the intention with finality into the quantum field of infinite possibilities all around you.

This phrase can be used when setting any type of intention – for your spiritual growth, relationships, career, health, contribution to the world, etc.

In Challenging Situations

During difficult times, saying “and so it is” reminds you that there is a deeper meaning and higher purpose to what you are experiencing. Though you may not understand it in the moment, this phrase connects you to your inner wisdom that tells you all is as it should be.

Letting go and accepting how things currently are, rather than resisting reality, reduces suffering tremendously.

Some examples:

  • Getting stuck in traffic – “I’m late for my appointment and so it is.”
  • Dealing with a conflict – “This disagreement is causing upset between us and so it is.”
  • Processing painful emotions – “I’m feeling grief right now and so it is.”

In challenging moments, take a deep breath and softly repeat “and so it is” to calm your mind and body.


In summary, saying ‘and so it is’ is a way to accept and align with circumstances, rather than resisting reality. It indicates a surrender to what is, allowing a greater flow. By integrating this phrase into meditation, intention-setting, and everyday life, you can cultivate inner peace, manifest desires, and connect to the universal rhythm.

While simple on the surface, ‘and so it is’ points to a profound spiritual truth – embracing life just as it unfolds.

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