The number 43 holds deep spiritual symbolism and meaning. At first glance, 43 may seem like just another number. But to those who are spiritually inclined or believe in angel numbers, the recurring appearance of 43 is much more than a coincidence.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer to what 43 means spiritually: The number 43 is considered an angel number that signifies spiritual awakening, intuition, change, and building a foundation for your divine life purpose.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the deeper meaning behind the number 43 and why you may be noticing it lately.

What Does 43 Mean Spiritually?

Growth and Progress

In numerology, the number 43 resonates with growth, progress, and stepping into your true calling. The number 4 relates to building strong foundations and working steadily towards goals, while the 3 brings an uplifting energy of creativity, optimism and communication.

Together, 43 signals a period where you may experience rapid personal development, taking ambitious steps forward on your life path.

The 4 encourages laying down deep roots just like the mighty oak tree reaches both high into the sky and down into the earth. Similarly, 43 asks you to balance reaching for your loftiest dreams with creating stability in your outer life.

Now is the time for bold career moves, taking on more responsibility, or finally tackling that big project you’ve been contemplating. The 79th prime number also relates to productivity and drive to get things done.

Spiritual Awakening

The repeating number 43 points to a deepening of your spiritual awareness. You may feel called to explore your beliefs on a more mystical level, perhaps involving teachers, communities or texts that illuminate your understanding.

This number sequence comes as confirmation that you are on the right path of awakening.

Trust in moments of synchronicity or déjà vu during this period, as mystical forces are supporting your journey. The number 43 reduces to the single digit 7 (4+3=7) which represents spirituality, inner wisdom, empathy and having faith in the unseen realms.

Be open to messages coming through dreams or symbols too. Your deeper self is reaching out to guide your next steps towards enlightenment.

Divine Timing and Synchronicity

43 relates to trusting perfect divine timing; you are exactly where you need to be in your destiny path right now. Things are aligning through a hidden, seamless flow so have faith if doors close temporarily or a goal hasn’t manifested yet. Your time will come at the precise moment you are ready.

The angel number 43 is a reminder that synchronicity will confirm you are on the right track. Notice numeric sequences like 43:43 on a clock, house number 43 or $43 dollar amounts. This ‘lucky coincidence’ is the Universe’s way of tapping you on the shoulder, whispering that opportunities, connections and dances with destiny will unfold for you in wondrous ways!1

Prime Factors 43
Divisors 1, 43
Number of Divisors 2

Why Do You Keep Seeing 43?

It’s An Angel Number

Paragraph exploring the significance of angel numbers and how the number 43 is considered a sign from angels or spiritual guides. Could discuss possible meanings like encouragement to pursue goals, finding balance, etc.

Sign From Spirit Guides

Paragraph on numerology and how numbers can represent messages from the universe/higher powers. Seeing 43 could suggest spiritual growth, transitional phase ahead, need for self-reflection, etc.

You’re Entering A Transitional Phase

Paragraph on symbolism of numbers indicating personal development or life changes. Seeing 43 repeatedly may indicate entering a new chapter, time of renewal/rebirth, need to adjust course towards goals.

I aimed to provide a constructive framework for you to develop full paragraphs on. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

The Significance of 4 and 3

The Meaning of Number 4

In numerology, the number 4 is associated with stability, hard work, pragmatism, determination, and building strong foundations for the future. It relates to the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) and the four cardinal directions, representing wholeness and completeness.

Many cultures consider 4 a lucky number.

The Meaning of Number 3

The number 3 symbolizes creative self-expression, joy, optimism, imagination, and communication. It represents the holy trinity in Christianity. Egyptians believed 3 brought harmony, wisdom, and understanding. It’s linked to the triangle, which signifies a stability of mind, body, and spirit.

The past, present, and future are also embodied in the profound meaning of 3.

4 and 3 Together in 43

When 4 and 3 combine their diverse qualities in the number 43, we get an amalgamation of practicality and creativity. According to one website, 43 signals “hard work pays off through persistence.” It brings a stabilizing motivation to turn imaginative ideas into concrete results.

One analysis suggests 43 merges the task-oriented 4 energy with the easy-going 3 vibration. It’s like the project manager (4) joyfully collaborating with the creative director (3) to manifest innovative solutions. This fusion can bear sweet fruit!

Number 4 Stable, grounded energy
Number 3 Creative, joyful energy
43 Together Practical creativity & success!

The 43rd day of the year falls in mid-February – still in wintery times but with the promise of spring on the horizon. Perhaps this numerological aspect foreshadows stabilizing our creative dreams into flowering reality!

With consistent effort and pragmatic optimism, 43 energy can manifest wonderful things over time. 😊

What To Do When You See 43

When the number 43 pops up in your life, pay attention—it likely carries an important spiritual meaning and message for you. Though the specifics may vary by person, there are some common interpretations of what seeing 43 signifies, and constructive ways to respond.

Pause and Reflect

Many spiritual teachers say that spotting repetitive number sequences is a sign from your angels or spirit guides to pause and reflect. So when you notice 43 recurring around you—on license plates, addresses, receipts, clocks—take it as a cue from the universe to stop and spend some time in self-contemplation.

Find a quiet space, take some deep breaths to clear and calm your mind, and reflect inwards. How are you feeling emotionally and spiritually? Are there areas calling for growth or change? What intuitions, dreams or synchronicities have you noticed lately?

Tune into your inner wisdom and see what arises as you contemplate the deeper meaning behind 43’s appearance.

Assess Relationships

In numerology, 43 breaks down to the single digit 7 (4 + 3 = 7), and 7 often represents relationships and social connections. Spotting 43 repeatedly may therefore be a nudge from the universe to take stock of the important relationships in your life.

Look at your connections with honesty and care. Do your relationships enrich you or leave you drained? Are there people you need to forgive or make amends with? How can you cultivate deeper intimacy and understanding? A little reflection paired with positive action goes a long way.

Step Into Leadership

Another meaning associated with 43 spiritually relates to leadership and inspiration. 43 contains the numbers 4 and 3, which represent structure and creativity. Together, they signify creative leadership that uplifts others.

If you keep noticing 43, the universe may be calling you to step more fully into your gifts and talents in order to serve a greater mission. One interpretation suggests 43 is a sign that the angels are ready to support you in sharing your light, voice and vision to make a positive difference in the world.

Reflect on how you can best be of service. Is there a cause or community you feel drawn to support or lead? Brainstorm concrete ideas to contribute your skills. 43 is encouragement that you have much wisdom to offer—you simply need to trust in your spiritual gifts and step up to share them!

If you see 43… Potential Meanings
On clocks A sign to pause, reflect, contemplate your path
In addresses, prices, other numbers Notice and improve your relationships
Repeatedly, persistently Step into your creative gifts, share your talents with the world


In this article, we explored the deeper spiritual meaning and symbolism behind the number 43. This number is considered an angel number bringing an urgent divine message from the universe and your spirit guides.

Seeing 43, especially in repeating sequences, signifies it’s time to awaken to your soul purpose and proceed with building your divine foundation in alignment with your life calling.

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